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Tales From Zambia:

A Disabled Elephant Struggles to Forage for Food

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»Chilema and her Brother

A Disabled Elephant Struggles to Forage for Food

Short | 02:02

This is the first dry season for Chilema, a young female elephant, since she lost part of her trunk in a poacher?s snare. If she isn?t able to get the 120 pounds of food a day she needs to survive, she won?t make it.

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In the heart of Zambia's Luangwa Valley live two special elephants. Chilema is a young female who lost half her trunk to a poacher's snare. She must now learn how to live without her most important appendage. Meanwhile, her brother Mavuto faces his own set of problems. As he approaches adulthood, he must cut ties with his family and join a bachelor herd. To make matters worse, it's the height of the dry season. Can these two siblings overcome the toughest challenges of their lives?

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