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A Cheetah Sprinting to the Kill

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A Cheetah Sprinting to the Kill

Short | 02:53

The cheetah does a lot of high-speed sprinting to catch its prey in the arid, hot desert. Learn about its advance, cooling adaptations and see the apex hunter race through sandy dunes to make a kill.

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In the Namib Desert, temperatures hit 160 degrees, and the average annual rainfall is just one inch. But withstanding the searing heat is just one struggle. The dunes are filled with predators, and the only way to survive this scorching battlefield is with speed and deadliness. Follow desert hunters like shovel-snouted lizards, sidewinders, even a stray cheetah, and witness their rapid attacks, frame by frame in high definition. Then discover the mechanics that allow these creatures to move, and kill, at such incredible speeds.

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