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A British Submarine in WWII Goes from Hunter to Hunted

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»Defying Rommel

A British Submarine in WWII Goes from Hunter to Hunted

Short | 04:32

It's May 1941, and the HMS Upholder has just claimed a major victory by sinking the Italian ship, Conte Russo. But it's come at a huge cost - it's damaged, has no torpedoes, and is being hunted by an Italian warship.


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It's 1941 and Erwin Rommel and his armies hope to take Egypt, gain control of the Suez Canal, and prevent Britain from receiving vital supplies from the colony of India and the Middle East. The Allies' last line of defense is a fleet of small, British U-class subs stationed on the tiny island of Malta. Despite unpredictable weather and a broken gyrocompass, HMS Upholder and its Lieutenant-Commander Malcolm Wanklyn battle to hold the line against the Axis powers and turn the tide of the North African Campaign.

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