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Aerial America:

A Bird's Eye View of the Waco Siege

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A Bird's Eye View of the Waco Siege

Short | 02:56

The crumbling foundations of the remains of the Branch Davidian compound tell the story of a few fateful weeks in North Texas in 1993.


    • Tuesday
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    Jun 16
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    Jun 19
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    Jun 20

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To capture Texas, you need to go big, and this aerial exploration spans thousands of square miles to reveal the great sites of the Lone Star State. Witness its lush forests, forbidding deserts, and shimmering modern cities. High-altitude views of landmarks reveal a rich, complex past where bloody battles for independence began and where the era of American idealism ended one dark November day. From humble beginnings to boastful proclamations, see why "everything's bigger in Texas."

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