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Million Dollar American Princesses:

A Battle of Lavish Ball Gowns and Sparkling Wit

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»Cash for Class

A Battle of Lavish Ball Gowns and Sparkling Wit

Short | 04:38

Sparing no expense on designer clothes and wiedling their native wit, American socialites Jennie Jerome and Consuelo Yznaga took the British social scene by storm. Their competition was not pleased.

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They're commonly called "the nouveau riche." Snubbed by New York's old-money families, these ambitious new millionaires, along with their daughters, set their sights on England, and quickly gain entry into the highest levels of the British aristocracy. Join "Downton Abbey" star Elizabeth McGovern as she explores the first transatlantic marriages of the late 1800s. Some will be inspired by love. Some are destined to be simply crude dollar-for-title deals. All of them, collectively, will change the course of history.

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