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30 Workers Fell While Building the Golden Gate Bridge

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»The 1930s

30 Workers Fell While Building the Golden Gate Bridge

Short | 01:31

During the construction of the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco, the construction companies had a grim rule of thumb: one worker fatality for every million dollars spent.


    • Thursday
    • 8:00pm
    Oct 25
    • Thursday
    • 11:00pm
    Oct 25

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During the turbulent 1930s the stock market crash sent the United States into a tailspin of violence and disorder. As one president flounders, another offers a New Deal, putting America back to work and reshaping the landscape in the process. Revisit a decade when our nation was pushed to its limits and fought its way through, presented like it's never been seen before -- in color. From the end of Prohibition to the start of bold projects and from Dust Bowl nightmares to Technicolor Hollywood dreams, it's the '30s as only few have seen them.

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