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  • 6:00am

    Aerial America:


    Biplane flying unsettled area, showing cloudy sky

    It's where the Wright brothers' visions of flight fully took off and where a young Neil Armstrong first dreamed of the Moon. Take flight over the Buckeye State and witness centuries of American history etched in its soil. From the Ohio River, where Revolutionary War veterans started life anew, to Marietta, where runaway slaves sought shelter, this aerial tour celebrates the state's spirit: built on freedom, sports, and rock and roll.

  • 7:00am

    Aerial America:


    Oklahoma's Great Salt Plains in north central Oklahoma

    Oklahoma is home to great tallgrass prairies, where herds of buffalo roam free and oil jacks gush black gold. Where the Trail of Tears ended and a mass exodus began 100 years later, prompted by a wave of dust. This flight over the Sooner State whisks you over the home of famous "Okies" Will Rogers, Brad Pitt, and Geronimo. Where native cultures have flourished for thousands of years and where countless hopeful settlers arrived for a shot at the American Dream.

  • 8:00am

    Europe's Last Warrior Kings:

    Prelude to War

    Earl Harold Godwinson is crowned king at his coronation. BBC

    It was just months before the Battle of Hastings. England's King Edward the Confessor was dead. With no heir to the throne, Edward's right-hand man, Earl Harold, Duke William of Normandy and Harald Hardrada, the Viking King of Norway, made plans to take the crown. Join us as we travel Europe to shed light on the fight for England, a fight that changed the world. It's a story of broken promises, bitter family betrayals, and kingdoms run through intimidation and terror.

  • 9:00am

    Europe's Last Warrior Kings:

    England Under Attack

    A medieval soldier wearing chain mail. BBC

    Before the epic Battle of Hastings, two other invasions in 1066 rock England. The attacks force its new king, Harold Godwinson, to risk his life defending his crown against Viking king Harald Hardrada of Norway and Duke William of Normandy. Join host Dan Snow as he travels Europe to explore medieval battle sites, comb through extraordinary manuscripts, and meet with historians to uncover new insights into this enigmatic period in our history.

  • 10:00am

    Europe's Last Warrior Kings:

    The Battle of Hastings

    Viking king Harald Hardrada sailing. BBC

    After a year of political scheming, sibling rivalries, and violent invasions, the fate of England comes down to two warlords: the reigning King Harold and Duke William of Normandy. The battle for the crown will be settled in a single day at the Battle of Hastings. This is the unprecedented account, supported by expert analysis and ancient manuscripts, of the battle that massively transformed Europe and the world.

  • 11:00am

    Aerial America:

    New Hampshire

    Portsmouth lighthouse

    Soar over the most independent-minded state in the Union: New Hampshire. Amid its mountains, rivers, and colonial villages exists a community of people who take their motto of "Live free or die" to heart. From an infamous poet who favored the road less traveled, to the founders of both the industrial and fast food revolutions, this state is brimming with free thinkers. Discover the sights and stories of the Granite State, from Concord to White Mountain State Park and beyond.

  • 12:00pm

    Air Disasters:

    The Turning Point

    Air China Flight 129 prepares to land at Gimhae International Airport in Busan, South Korea when a direction from air traffic control to change its approach sets off a series of tragic events that claim the lives of 129 people on board. What happened in those final moments between the captain and his crew? And could a few critical seconds have made the difference between life and death? Discover what caused the worst air disaster in South Korean history and find out the key recommendations made to prevent a similar tragedy from happening again.

  • 1:00pm

    Air Warriors:

    Prowler/ Growler

    Two men visually signaling a military aircraft from the tarmac.

    What they do is untraceable and highly classified. Instead of utilizing bullets and bombs, they use force and frequency. This is the story of the Prowler, the U.S. Navy's electronic warrior, and its leading counterpart, the Growler. These aircraft are the first line of attack, able to locate, jam, and destroy enemy radar, giving fighter planes more time to complete their missions. With the capability to fight in the electromagnetic spectrum, these Air Warriors have an advantage in the new age of defense.

  • 2:00pm

    Apocalypse: The Second World War:

    The Noose

    Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill during World War II © Tous droits réservés/CC ET C

    Stalingrad. In a war with many turning points, none was more horrific than the battle for this key Soviet city. With an estimated two million combined casualties, Stalingrad was a crucible of war in which soldiers, civilians, and the city itself were pulverized. Aerial and civilian footage shows the cruelty and horror of two implacable enemies tearing at each other without mercy. It's the Soviets who prevail. We also see the North African campaign end in Rommel's defeat, an event that Churchill called "not the beginning of the end, but perhaps the end of the beginning." Not all Hitler's enemies prevail, however, as the fearless Jews making a stand in what became known as the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising are finally crushed without mercy-a fate shared by thousands of partisans throughout occupied Europe. Nonetheless, with options running out and its enemies closing in, the noose is beginning to tighten around Nazi Germany.

  • 3:00pm

    Inside Mighty Machines:


    A futuristic new mode of transportation, part plane, part boat, and part helicopter, the launch of the hovercraft in 1969 was unlike anything ever seen. After 31 years of service and a collective 2.5 million miles back and forth across the English Channel, they were decommissioned. As a salvage team prepares to take one apart to sell whatever they can for recycling, former NASA engineer Chad Zdenek examines the engineering genius involved in making the hovercraft a giant of its time.

  • 4:00pm

    Inside Mighty Machines:

    Deep Sea Oil Rig

    For over 40 years, the Brent Delta oil rig stood tall in the North Sea, extracting oil and gas from beneath one of the roughest seas on the planet. Now this extraordinary machine has reached the end of its life and has been towed ashore to a decommissioning yard, where it'll be torn apart, melted down, and sold for recycling. Engineer Chad Zdenek is on hand to help the salvage team dismantle the 40-story, 26,000-ton oil rig and uncover its five engineering innovations.

  • 5:00pm


    Jonah and the Whale

    The story of Jonah and the Whale is one of the most famous, and most mysterious, tales in the Old Testament. Recent finds by archaeologists in the ruins beneath Jonah's shrine in Iraq make a compelling argument that many of the events and characters in this biblical parable are based on fact. See treasures that date back over 2,500 years and discover a lost world where the prophet Jonah himself may have preached.

  • 6:00pm

    Air Disasters:

    The Pentagon Attack

    Pilot aboard American Airlines Flight 77 sitting in the passenger cabin.

    A Boeing 757 takes off from Washington Dulles International Airport en route to Los Angeles. In minutes, hijackers storm the cockpit and turn the plane back toward the nation's capital and straight into the Pentagon. A total of 189 people are dead, the fuselage has been vaporized, and investigators are under tremendous pressure to determine how this could have happened. Witness the crash of American Airlines Flight 77 and the ways in which the 9/11 attacks brought immediate and profound changes to commercial aviation throughout the world.

  • 7:00pm

    Air Disasters:

    Concorde - Up in Flames

    Man reading a document in the Concorde offices.

    The Concorde was a technological marvel, an airliner that could fly more than twice the speed of sound at altitudes that brush the air of space. In its first 31 years of supersonic flight, there was not one single fatal accident, until July 25, 2000. The crash of Air France Flight 4590 erupted in flames as it was lifting off the runway at Charles de Gaulle Airport. Follow investigators as they attempt to complete a puzzle that will explain the crash, using just a handful of pieces remaining from the torched wreckage.

  • 8:00pm

    Aerial America:


    Chicago viewed from the west, showing Lake Michigan

    It's given us American icons as notorious as Al Capone and as heroic as Abraham Lincoln. It's where endless rows of corn blanket the fields and towering buildings touch the sky. The state of Illinois is full of awe-inspiring sights and captivating drama, and this aerial excursion explores it all. From the Great Fire of Chicago to the Great Migration that brought Muddy Waters and the blues up north, we visit the places and people that tell Illinois' powerful story.

  • 9:00pm

    Aerial America:


    St. Louis with view of the St. Louis Arch

    From St. Louis's Gateway Arch to Kansas City's Liberty Memorial, from the Mighty Mississippi to the Big Muddy, and Mark Twain to Bonnie and Clyde, the Show Me State has plenty to show off. This aerial tour of Missouri explores the state's bookending cities and all the Midwestern treasures in between, from bustling river ports to breathtaking Ozark views. We also reveal the peculiar history of the Missouri Bootheel, a famous brewery, and other stories that touch the heart of the nation.

  • 10:00pm

    Aerial America:


    Monument Rocks in Gove County, Kansas

    There's more to Kansas than its wide-open spaces and endless skies might indicate. It's where aviation pioneers took flight and civil rights heroes fought back. Where Laura Ingalls Wilder documented life on the prairie and a fictional young girl dreamed of a life "Over the Rainbow." It's also home of the first battle of the Civil War and the ongoing collegiate basketball war between Wildcats and Jayhawks. Enjoy this soaring tour through the Sunflower State.

  • 11:00pm

    Aerial America:


    Oklahoma's Great Salt Plains in north central Oklahoma

    Oklahoma is home to great tallgrass prairies, where herds of buffalo roam free and oil jacks gush black gold. Where the Trail of Tears ended and a mass exodus began 100 years later, prompted by a wave of dust. This flight over the Sooner State whisks you over the home of famous "Okies" Will Rogers, Brad Pitt, and Geronimo. Where native cultures have flourished for thousands of years and where countless hopeful settlers arrived for a shot at the American Dream.

  • 12:00am

    Aerial America:


    McDonald Observatory at the University of Texas

    To capture Texas, you need to go big, and this aerial exploration spans thousands of square miles to reveal the great sites of the Lone Star State. Witness its lush forests, forbidding deserts, and shimmering modern cities. High-altitude views of landmarks reveal a rich, complex past where bloody battles for independence began and where the era of American idealism ended one dark November day. From humble beginnings to boastful proclamations, see why "everything's bigger in Texas."

  • 1:00am

    Mighty Trains:

    AVE 103

    The AVE 103 is the speed demon of Spain, racing passengers 386 miles from Madrid to Barcelona in just two and a half hours. But traveling at such high speeds also means high risks. Discover one of the fastest trains on Earth and the cutting-edge technology required to keep it running on time. Meet the men and women working on the front lines and see how they respond when a heavy snowstorm threatens to compromise the brake system, which could bring this ride to a grinding halt.

  • 2:00am

    Mystic Britain:

    Hadrian's Mystic Wall

    At the start of the first millennium, the Roman Empire invaded Britain with an army that was organized and armed to the teeth with modern weapons. But they feared the ancient Brits were magical savage cannibals, and so they built a barrier that separated the docile south from these mystical northern natives: Hadrian's Wall. Visit the empire's most impressive legacy in Britain, which still stands today, and discover its surprising carvings, used to enhance Rome's performance during this epic, supernatural battle.

  • 3:00am


    Great Wall of China

    The Great Wall of China with mountains in the background.

    The Great Wall of China is more than just a part of history, it's part of the world's geography, a sprawling, massive edifice of mud, reeds, and billions of bricks. But why did the Chinese go to such lengths to build it? And what secrets have enabled it to survive for over 2,000 years? We unravel its mysteries and rewrite its complex history through groundbreaking science and pioneering drone technology. This is how the wall was built, what its real purpose was, how it has survived multiple earthquakes and attacks, and how long it really runs.

  • 4:00am


    Wake Up the Devil

    Ben Moorhead standing in front of machinery at dusk.

    Meet some of the men and women from across America who have left their old lives behind for new opportunities in the oil-rich Bakken. The transition hasn't been easy. Follow trucker Ben Moorhead, whose 14-hour day begins at 2AM, and Pastor Sean Banks, who works in the oilfields to make ends meet. Life in this boomtown is no easier for longtime residents, as Judge Greg Mohr deals with a surging crime rate, and gun-toting Sandi Beagle Angel tries to preserve the land she loves.

  • 5:00am

    Epic Yellowstone:

    Return of the Predators

    For decades, Yellowstone National Park's ecosystem was out of balance. Its wolves had vanished, and its grizzly bears were pushed to the edge of extinction. Now, through conservation efforts and one of the most ambitious restoration projects in history, the carnivores have returned in record numbers. Host Bill Pullman gives you an up-close look into nature's dramas over the course of a year.

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