Top Clips of 2019

Top Clips of 2019

12 Clips

Discover some of our most viewed videos from 2019.


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  • China From Above

    China From Above

    • 4 Episodes
    • HD

    Explore China's great interior, magnificent coastline, living past, and promising future, all from breathtaking heights.

  • Orangutan Jungle School

    Orangutan Jungle School

    • 20 Episodes
    • 4K

    A bold rescue project in Borneo is breathing new life into the prospects of orphaned orangutans.

  • Wild Castles

    Wild Castles

    • 5 Episodes
    • 4K

    The abandoned castles of Europe have been overtaken by the rich natural environments flourishing around them.

  • The Green Book: Guide to Freedom

    The Green Book: Guide to Freedom

    • 51m
    • HD

    See how The Negro Motorist Green Book helped African-Americans navigate the roads of a segregated nation.

  • Black Hole Hunters

    Black Hole Hunters

    • 44m
    • HD

    Span the globe as we track the monumental technological undertaking of capturing the first-ever picture of a black hole.

  • Air Disasters

    Air Disasters

    • 114 Episodes
    • HD

    A new season of air catastrophes, featuring crashes in the Himalayas, the Atlantic Ocean, an Argentine desert, and more.

  • Africa's Hunters

    Africa's Hunters

    • 18 Episodes
    • 4K

    Welcome to Zambia's Luangwa Valley, where Africa's most iconic predators are in a constant battle for their next meal.

  • Great Blue Wild

    Great Blue Wild

    • 14 Episodes
    • HD

    On Mozambique's coast, researchers are unlocking the secrets of the manta ray and other marine mysteries.

  • Hell Below

    Hell Below

    • 12 Episodes
    • HD

    From the Nazi's wolf pack to America's aggressive shift in the Pacific, we chart WWII's stealth game of subsea warfare.

  • The Pacific War in Color

    The Pacific War in Color

    • 8 Episodes
    • HD

    Witness iconic assaults, intense battles, and intimate moments of the Pacific War, in color.