Young anteater being examined by a zoo veterinarian

Zoo Vets

It takes a special kind of veterinarian to act as dolphin surgeon one day, tiger dentist or camel acupuncturist the next. Meet the ultimate medical multitaskers, the men and women tending to thousands of species at zoos and aquariums across the country. These caretakers work around the clock, making life and death decisions and pushing the limits of veterinary science to treat their patients. They are diversified doctors, facing endless varieties of anatomies, personalities and peculiarities, but united by one trait: an immense love of animals.


Episode Guide

  • Veterinarians treating a young kangaroo

    Fangs, Flippers and Tusks

    Join the zoo doctors on their rounds as they treat a Silverback Gorilla with heart disease, a dolphin with lung issues, and meerkats in need of a checkup.

  • Gorilla under anesthesia

    Claws, Paws and Fins

    Enter the unpredictable ER environment behind the scenes of our nation's largest zoos.

  • Veterinarians performing surgery and checking an xray

    Tails, Teeth and Snouts

    Think a root canal is tough? Try performing one on a tiger! Caring for wild animals is the ultimate medical challenge for veterinarians at the Smithsonian's National Zoo.

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