Highway traffic with cars and panel trucks

System Crash

Unbelievable...and unstable. Unlimited...and unreliable. Our growing dependence on modern technology, now running everything from transportation to energy to finance to communications, has made life a whole lot easier-and infinitely, sometimes tragically, more complicated.


Episode Guide

  • City highway

    Wired Planet

    From online and cell communications to power grids and nuclear reactors, our dependence on giant systems has never been more dependent and subject to failure.

  • Key pad; photograph taken from below

    Motion Control

    Get an inside look at the elaborate centralized traffic management and see how disaster is averted every second of every day.

  • Green traffic light and white direction sign with arrow

    Break and Enter

    Take a disturbing trip to the dark side of the Internet, where cybercrooks pose a constant threat to our finances, privacy, and national security.

  • Cable plugged into USB port

    Maxed Out Grid

    The North American power grid is the most overworked machine on the planet. Discover the energy solutions science is developing to prevent breakdowns.