American astronaut on a space walk

Space Voyages

From Mercury to Gemini, from Apollo to Curiosity, NASA's giant leaps in engineering and science over the last 60 years have been nothing short of astronomical. Blast off on a celestial voyage as we explore the first half-century of the Space Age. Celebrate the triumphs, lament the tragedies, and learn how modern engineers are using the past as a blueprint, refining yesterday's technologies in hopes of sending humans off to Mars and beyond.


Episode Guide

  • Nasa's new space exploration vehicle with astronaut

    Surviving the Void

    Discover how a mission to the Red Planet is no longer the stuff of science fiction, but is quickly becoming a reality.

  • Spacewalkers emergency life jacket over space shuttle on display

    Open For Business

    Discover how little companies with astronomical dreams are stepping into the void left by the Space Shuttle's demise.

  • Astronaut on the moon collecting samples, photo taken from lunar lander

    The Moon and Beyond

    Buzz Aldrin, Jim Lovell, and NASA experts discuss the Apollo missions and look into the future of deep space exploration.

  • Mars Science Laboratory's Curiosity rover on a Martian landscape

    Into The Unknown

    See how risky trial and error by Space Age pioneers paved the way for today's Mars landing and other breakthroughs.

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