Black and white: Germans making the Nazi salute, with Hitler in the center of the group

Secrets of the Third Reich

A celebrated Nazi general plots Hitler's assassination. A sunken U-boat mysteriously vanishes. The Fuhrer's own physician nearly kills him with dubious treatments. These are just a few of the Secrets of the Third Reich, a four-part series that takes you behind the scenes, under the ocean, and into the minds of some of World War II's most prominent figures. Join us as we uncover the little-known stories that played a large role in determining the fate of the war...and those who fought in it.


Episode Guide

  • Nazi SS soldiers sitting around a desk and looking at a photograph

    Deadly Missions

    See a sham rescue of Mussolini, a spy who tricked Nazis by dressing as a shepherd, and other secret missions of World War II.

  • German sub U-513 and crew looking through periscope

    The Ghost of U-513

    Join the hunt for German submarine U-513, bombed by a U.S. patrol plane in 1943 and lost at sea for over 60 years.

  • Hitler's personal physician, Theodor Morell, with Hitler

    Hitler's Madness

    Explore Hitler's recently discovered medical records, and see what startling insights and evidence they reveal about his health.

  • Erwin Rommel sitting at a desk writing with magazine in background

    Hitler's General

    Discover how German war hero Erwin Rommel went from Hitler's favorite general to one of the Nazi Party's biggest enemies.