John Jacob Astor, Henry E. Steinway, ?Levi Strauss, Henry J. Heinz, and William E. Boeing

Pioneers Turned Millionaires

Meet five inventive, courageous, and hardworking entrepreneurs, who led the charge during one of the most exciting eras in economic history. Levi Strauss, Henry E. Steinway, William E. Boeing, John Jacob Astor and Henry J. Heinz changed the way the world eats, dresses, plays and travels. They each left Germany hoping to find a better life in America and they succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. Relive the tragedies and the triumphs that made them millions while leaving a major imprint on American culture.


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Episode Guide

  • William Edward Boeing flying a biplane

    William Edward Boeing

    In his day, aviation was a curiosity, but William Boeing had the vision and purpose to turn it into a soaring industry. Take your seat as we follow a career that influenced the events of World War I, the Prohibition-era, and the Great Depression.

  • Pair of cowboys riding on horseback into the sunset

    Levi Strauss

    Discover the rags-to-riches story behind Levi Strauss, one the largest and most legendary fashion labels in the world. Learn the true story of the blue jeans billionaire.

  • Astor Hall with lit electric candles in foreground

    John Jacob Astor

    Step into a world of adventure and danger as we explore the life of America's first multi-millionaire, John Jacob Astor. He helped transform New York from a place of uncertainty to a land of opportunity.

  • Male hands playing a grand piano

    Henry E. Steinway

    It began when a man named Henry Steinway created a piano for his wife as a wedding gift. Years later, he would share his gift with the world.

  • Black and White: Henry John Heinz at work in a food lab

    Henry John Heinz

    Travel back in time to the Steel Capital of the World, circa the 1800s, and see how Henry John Heinz, the King of Condiments, began his empire, one vegetable at a time.

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