Ancient wall opening with plain amphorae and nearby researcher


Museum Secrets Revealed

Hidden in the backrooms, basements, and restricted areas of the most famous museums lie some of history's most fascinating mysteries and tales. Embark on a behind-the-scenes, around-the-world tour that includes Madrid's Palacio Real, the Chateau of Versailles, and our own Smithsonian Institution. Discover King Herod's tomb, how a leather shield can work better than steel, and the connection between an ancient amulet and Star Trek's Mr. Spock. We examine collections, celebrated and obscure, and use cutting edge research to unlock their secrets.


    • Wednesday
    • 9:00am
    Jan 28
    Inside Berlin's Museums
    • Wednesday
    • 10:00am
    Jan 28
    Inside the Imperial War Museum
    • Thursday
    • 7:00pm
    Jan 29
    Inside the Imperial War Museum


Season 2

  • Depth markers on an ancient ship in London museum


    The Maritime Museum of London is filled with objects great and small, each with an epic story to tell. Learn maritime stories of pirates, lightning strikes, deadly mines, and the killer cold.

  • Italy's Uffizi Gallery Painting by Michelangelo Merisi Caravaggio - The Head of Medusa

    Uffizi Gallery, Florence

    Learn secrets of a poisoned artist, a lucky boar snout, and the inspiration for Assassin's Creed at the Uffizi Gallery. Amongst the greatest masters of the Renaissance lie some of art's darkest mysteries.

  • State Historical Museum of Moscow


    Discover stories of a dueling genius, feathered soldiers, and a socialist icon who drove a Rolls Royce, all in the famed Moscow's State Historical Museum.

  • State Hermitage Museum with gilden indoor columns

    State Hermitage

    Discover Peter the Great's macabre penchant, Rasputin's real killer, and Catherine the Great's G-rated sexual device. We reveal Rasputin's real killer, Catherine the Great's sexcapades, and mummy tattoos.

  • Vintage Harley Davidson motorcycle

    Washington D.C.

    Learn secrets of Zero bombers, Civil War surgeons, roaring Harleys, and the world's bravest pigeon, all at the Smithsonian. Find stories behind outlaw bikes, brave pigeons, Pearl Harbor bombers, and a man on Mars.

  • Suit of armor with horse armor and lance


    In Madrid's Palacio Real, stories of swordplay, possession, dance, and death live within the treasures on display.

  • Painted images on ancient ruins at the National Archaeological Museum of Athens


    Discover museum secrets behind Alexander the Great's linen armor, the Minotaur's maze, and the existence of Agamemnon.

  • Courtyard of Israel Museum


    Unlock the untold secrets of the Virgin Mary, Cleopatra, and Star Trek's Mr. Spock. See a scientist recreate crucifixions, a botanist brew Cleopatra's perfume, and an archaeologist reveal Mr. Spock's religion.

  • Hallway lit with chandeliers in Chateau Versailles

    Chateau of Versailles

    See musketeer games, champagne cures, Marie Antoinette schemes, and more at the Chateau of Versailles.

  • Roman Amphitheatre with ruins


    Discover the dark and strange secrets of Romans, Carthaginians, and Jedi Knights at Tunisia's Bardo Museum.

Season 1

  • Aztec step pyramids in Mexico

    Inside the National Museum of Anthropology

    Uncover the world's sharpest sword, a dress that had the power to change history and more in Mexico City's National Museum of Anthropology.

  • Bed chamber displays inside the Topkapi Palace Museum

    Inside the Topkapi Palace Museum

    Home of ancient robots, stolen maps, harem secrets, and palace murders. Uncover messages from the past and reopen chapters from history as we reveal treasure and ancient secrets held in Istanbul's Topkapi Palace Museum.

  • Suit of armor on display including horse armor

    Inside the Kunsthistorisches Museum

    In the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, all items were collected by the Habsburg family, a dynasty that ruled much of Europe for 500 years.

  • Inside the Neues Museum's Egyptian exhibit

    Inside Berlin's Museums

    Join us as we reveal the secrets of Berlin's "Museum Island," which houses five renowned repositories of world history and culture.

  • Fighter plane on display in Imperial War Museum

    Inside the Imperial War Museum

    From Churchill's secret underground bunker to cyanide pills, every item at London's Imperial War Museum has its own tale to tell about the heroes and the horrors of war.

  • Mastodon exhibit

    Inside the American Museum of Natural History

    Discover Mesozoic mayhem, cosmic conundrums, and an encrypted message from a lost world. Walk the galleries, visit the labs and meet the team of researchers and scientists who collect and preserve the 32 million objects housed here.

  • New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art Egyptian temple

    Inside the Met

    Take a private tour with us as we roam the galleries of America's most popular museum, the "Met," and reveal some of its countless secrets.

  • Natural History Museum

    Inside the Natural History Museum of London

    Discover how the Britons lived, the dodo died, and the world of James Bond was born. Take an after-hours tour down dark passageways as we uncover the ancient secrets hidden in London's Natural History Museum.

  • Gildred covered mummy in the Egyptian museum

    Inside the Egyptian Museum

    Enter the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities' deepest vaults and gaze into the eyes of long dead pharaohs, examine coffins, and study mummified pets.

  • Royal Ontario Museum

    Inside the Royal Ontario Museum

    Join us as we explore the mystery-filled darkened rooms in the archives of Toronto's Royal Ontario Museum, Canada's most popular museum.

  • Outside the Louvre

    Inside the Louvre

    Inside the iconic Louvre pyramid, a thousand years of secrets, hidden in plain sight and cloaked in dark corners, will be revealed.

  • Michelangelo paintings on the ceiling of the Vatican depicting Adam and God at the moment of creation

    Inside the Vatican

    Behind a city of faith and power, secrets are waiting to be revealed. Join us as we climb scaffolds, walk dim corridors, and examine ancient parchments and unbelievable art to uncover secrets from Rome's past.