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Mighty Ships

Set sail on the world's mightiest ships as they embark on some of the most challenging, dangerous jobs a working boat will ever face. These marvels of marine technology are built for anything the heavens and oceans can dole out, and the dedicated men and women who work aboard these ships are equally battle-tested. From a dredger deepening a massive harbor to the construction and maiden voyage of a luxury mega cruiser, experience it all firsthand on this first-rate, high seas adventure.


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Season 6

  • Avataq

    What's a "growler" and why is it so dangerous to the cargo vessel Avataq? Find out on Mighty Ships!

  • IBN Battuta

    Experience life aboard super dredger Ibn Battuta, where typhoons and live bombs are all in a day's work.

  • Wind Surf

    Enjoy an intimate and breathtaking cruise from Venice to Rome aboard the largest sailing ship in the cruise world.

  • Stemat Spirit

    Meet a Mighty Ship that breaks the rules: Stemat Spirit, a cable layer that can do her job on land as well as at sea.

  • Norwegian Breakaway - The Voyage

    She's three times the size of Titanic, following the same transatlantic route, and about to face far deadlier weather.

  • Norwegian Breakaway - The Build

    Witness the $900-million high-stakes gamble to build a brand new mega cruise ship in record time.

Season 5

  • The Tyco Resolute, a ship

    Tyco Resolute

    Get connected with Tyco Resolute, the state-of-the-art cable-laying ship that keeps the world wired.

  • The Peace in Africa, a ship

    Peace in Africa

    Join diamond miner Peace in Africa as she races to meet her 20,000-carat quota against rough seas and faulty equipment.

  • The MV Resolution, a ship

    MV Resolution

    Discover the dangers of installing wind turbines on the Irish Sea aboard the self-elevating ship MV Resolution. Will the mightiest jack-up ship in the world be taken down by the violent Irish Sea?

  • The Becrux, a ship


    See if MV Becrux, a modern day Noah's Ark, can get 16,000 cattle from Australia to Indonesia on a tight deadline.

  • The Henry Larsen, an ice cutter

    Henry Larsen

    When ships are stopped cold in their tracks, Canadian Coast Guard's icebreaker Henry Larsen breaks them free.

  • The Royal Greenland Akamalik, a ship


    Hop aboard Akamalik and embark on an intense shrimp-trawling mission on the dangerous, ice-choked seas of Greenland.

Season 4

  • The Emma Maersk, a container ship

    Emma Maersk

    Neither pirates nor cyclones nor the traffic-clogged Suez Canal will keep Emma Maersk from completing her mission.

  • The USS Nimitz, an aircraft carrier

    USS Nimitz

    USS Nimitz stands 24 stories high, is as long as the Empire State Building is tall, and is as lethal as she is massive. Witness the US Navy's grueling and dangerous training aboard the most lethal warship in the world.

  • The Paul R. Tregurtha, a container ship

    Paul R. Tregurtha

    See how Great Lakes freighter Tregurtha's first mission of the shipping season pushes her and her crew to the limits. The "Queen of the Lakes" may lose her crown on her first mission of the shipping season.

  • The MV Fairplayer, a cargo ship

    MV Fairplayer

    Join heavy-lifter Fairplayer on her first mission, hauling a cargo nearly 20 times the weight of the Statue of Liberty!

  • The Faust, a cargo ship


    Mighty Ship Faust must weather ice, storms, and stowaways, while delivering thousands of luxury cars without a scratch.

  • The HDMS Absalon, an aircraft carrier

    HDMS Absalon

    Go hunting for pirates aboard the state-of-the-art HDMS Absalon, one of the most modern warships on the high seas, as it guards the busiest shipping route on the planet.

Season 3

  • The USS New York City, a ship

    USS New York

    USS New York was built to honor the victims of 9/11 and now must prove she's as tough and resilient as her namesake. Forged from the steel of the Twin Towers, this Navy ship represents strength and resolve.

  • The Northern Eagle, a ship

    Northern Eagle

    Bundle up and hit the frigid Bering Sea as mega trawler Northern Eagle embarks on her biggest fishing trip of the year.

  • The USNS Grasp, a ship

    USNS Grasp

    Dive into a deep-sea mission as the USNS Grasp sets out to find one of the most important shipwrecks in American history.

  • The Stornes, a cargo ship


    In the competitive world of offshore oil and gas, Stornes keeps things on a level playing field. Her job is to lay rocks onto the ocean floor and flatten the foundation where pipelines are laid.

  • The Neptune, an oil drilling platform rig


    Join Neptune, this brand new custom-built ship off the Belgian Coast, where she will transport and install 30 massive eco-friendly wind turbines.

  • The Crystal Serenity, a ship

    Crystal Serenity

    Experience opulence and obstacles aboard a high seas, high-style luxury liner, Crystal Serenity, as it sails passengers around the world and offers extravagant onboard services.

Season 2

  • The Le Bor?al, a ship

    Le Borčal

    Join us on luxurious Le Boreal's adventurous maiden voyage, as she travels in high style to the bottom of the world, Antarctica.

  • The North Star, an ocean liner

    North Star

    Join Captain Richard Cadigan and the North Star crew as they risk everything to deliver cargo from food to pickup trucks to Alaska.

  • The FPSO Maersk Peregrino, a ship

    FPSO Maersk Peregrino

    Watch the makeover of super tanker Maersk Peregrino being converted into one of the largest floating oil production facilities in the world.

  • The Umiak I, an ice cutter

    Umiak I

    Umiak I is the most powerful ice-breaking carrier in the world. She has to be if she's to survive the seas and ice off the eastern coast of Canada.

  • The USS Gravely, a Navy ship

    USS Gravely

    The USS Gravely is the youngest warship in the US Navy's fleet and you've been granted exclusive access to see her in operation.

  • The Norwegian Epic, a cruise ship

    Norwegian Epic

    Witness the nonstop party atmosphere of the Norwegian Epic enjoyed by the ship's 4,100 passengers, featuring name-brand entertainment and more than 20 bars and restaurants.

Season 1

  • The CCGS Amundsen, an ice cutter

    CCGS Amundsen

    Journey to the top of the world on the ice-busting Amundsen, where discoveries rest beneath the frozen Arctic Circle.

  • The USCGC Bertholf, an aircraft carrier

    USCGC Bertholf

    Patrol the frontline of the battle against drugs in the eastern Pacific, aboard the US Coast Guard's premiere ship, Cutter Bertholf.

  • Cruise ship the MV Stena Britannica

    MV Stena Britannica

    Take a tour of MV Stena Britannica, a ferry ride unlike any other. The Britannica boasts 530 cabins, three restaurants, a movie theater, and a casino!

  • The DSV Skandi Arctic, a ship

    DSV Skandi Arctic

    One malfunction for the Skandi Arctic can turn this deep-sea mission into an explosive situation. The prep is grueling, the mission perilous, and the pressure 24/7 for both the divers and crew aboard the world's most advanced dive support vessel.

  • The USNS Robert E. Peary, a Navy ship

    USNS Robert E. Peary

    The Gulf of Aden is a pirate hot zone, and that's exactly where USNS Peary must replenish her fleet of 20 ships. To complete her mission, she must battle heat, violent currents and lurking pirates.

  • The MV Beluga Bremen, a ship

    MV Beluga Bremen

    Beluga Bremen has a lot of muscle and she'll need all of it to complete her first job. The stakes are high, the sea rough, and the cargo huge for this mighty ship.

  • The Cristobal Colon, a ship

    Cristobal Colon

    Cristobal Colon represents a whole new breed of massive construction vessels. This megaship doesn't just dock at ports - she builds them. See how a mega-dredger handles a brutal deadline during Germany's worst winter in a century.

  • The Africa Mercy, a ship

    Africa Mercy

    Visit the Africa Mercy, the most modern floating hospital in western Africa as it pulls into port.

  • The Oasis of the Seas, a cruise ship

    Oasis of the Seas

    The Oasis of the Seas cruise ship has 21 pools, 24 restaurants, even a bar in the elevator, anything to keep the spirits of 5,400 passengers afloat. Pack your bags for a maiden voyage aboard the biggest cruise ship ever built.

  • The G.O. SARS deploying the Argus research submarine

    G.O. SARS

    Part science lab, all ship, this mighty marine research vessel will be pushed to the limits in the perilous Arctic seas.

  • The MV Solitaire, a ship

    MV Solitaire

    Set sail on Solitaire, the largest pipe-laying ship in the world. The Solitaire lays nearly 2,000 miles of oil and gas pipeline every year, but these 7.5 miles into the cold Norwegian Sea are the toughest ones yet.

  • Soldiers inside the USS Kentucky, checking instruments

    USS Kentucky

    Experience USS Kentucky and life underwater aboard this silent giant, the mightiest sub in the US Navy's arsenal. She's the US Navy fleet's ultimate weapon of mass destruction.

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