C-M 5 Super Galaxy aircraft

Mighty Planes

This is your first-class ticket to board the world's most magnificent flying machines. This series explores amazing aircraft and the men and women around the world who build, maintain, shepherd, and fly them. From the aerobatic artistry of the Blue Angels to the bravery of NOAA's hurricane hunters, and from Trump's flying luxury suite to the military's gas station in the sky, each episode is its own engrossing drama about people and Mighty Planes, coming together to tackle momentous missions.


    • Monday
    • 6:00am
    Feb 02
    Omega 707
    • Monday
    • 7:00am
    Feb 02
    C-17 Globemaster III
    • Monday
    • 1:00pm
    Feb 02
    Trump 757


Season 2

  • The Blue Angels flying in formation

    Blue Angels

    The Blue Angels are one of the best military display teams thrilling millions of Americans every year with their death-defying aerial maneuvers and pinpoint precision. Get ready for an up-close look at the six F/A-18 Hornets that make up the fleet.

  • Sofia 747SP on the runway

    Sofia 747SP

    Unlock the secrets of the cosmos aboard the world's only flying space observatory, the SOFIA, a converted Boeing 747 jumbo jetliner.

  • The C-17 Globemaster III in flight

    C-17 Globemaster III

    The C-17 Globemaster III is the most versatile cargo plane in the US Air Force fleet. Meet the ultimate flexible flyer, strong as a weightlifter and nimble as a gymnast.

  • Pilot John Dunkin and Trump 757 Boeing airplane

    Trump 757

    Follow pilot John Dunkin and "The Donald" as they fly from Florida to New York to London, with a pit stop in Georgia for an inspection that doesn't go quite as expected.

  • P-3 Orion parked on runway

    P-3 Orion

    Enter the eye of the storm in this battle-tested hurricane hunter, NOAA's P-3 'Kermit.'

  • Inside cockpit of the Omega 707, with captain, copilot, and navigator

    Omega 707

    Follow the dangerous job of air-to-air refueling with the Omega, the flying gas station seen at top speeds and great heights.

Season 1

  • Airbus A380 Engine

    Airbus A380

    It's go big or go home for the Airbus A380, the world's largest passenger airliner. Take flight on this mighty plane's maiden journey from Frankfurt, Germany to San Francisco, California.

  • Martin Mars water bomber picking up water

    Martin Mars

    When firefighters are powerless to extinguish wildfires on the ground, Martin Mars is the go-to aircraft to battle blazes from above. Take to the skies and witness the largest water bomber in the world is about to encounter its biggest challenge.

  • The ORBIS hospital with wings; close up of logo


    The ORBIS brings its state-of-the-art operating room, laser treatment facility, and high-tech classrooms to developing countries all over the world. Follow how the McDonnell Douglas DC-10 has been reborn as a first-rate hospital in the sky.

  • Antonov 124 one of the biggest cargo planes

    Antonov 124

    The Antonov 124, the king of cargo aircrafts can air lift trains, tanks, whales, even other planes. Witness the obstacles this mighty plane and its crew must overcome to complete the mission.

  • The Hercules Skibird on snow


    The Hercules Skibird is the go-to aircraft for tough jobs in frozen places. Follow this mighty plane and its dedicated crew to the top of the world as they prepare to evacuate climate scientists from Greenland's icy terrain.

  • C-5M Super Galaxy taking off

    C-5M Super Galaxy

    Flying cargo into deadly war zones is all in a day's work for mighty plane C-5M Super Galaxy.

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