Vintage flying car comes in for a landing with rainbow parachute open

Incredible Flying Cars

Ever since autos have run the roads, inventors have been dreaming of ways to get them up in the air. In the last 100 years, some 300 flying car designs have actually made it off the ground, but none have commercially taken off...not yet anyway. This two-part series explores the turbulent history of the road-to-air vehicle, from early failures to recent breakthroughs in technology and design. Discover how the futuristic world of flying cars is becoming a reality, and explore how this new world of travel may bring a new world of obstacles.


Episode Guide

  • Orange Vertical Takeoff and Landing Aircraft

    Vertical Takeoff

    New technology will make Humvees fly and ambulances drop from the sky. Vertical Takeoff and Landing Aircrafts (VTOLs) are assisting law enforcement and the military, and may one day change the way we go to work.

  • Yellow flying car in the air

    Just Add Wings

    We've put a man on the moon. Why can't we put a car in the sky? See how modern technology has brought us closer than ever to putting cars in the air and flying machines in every garage.

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