Black and white: German troops advance on the Ardennes

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Apocalypse: The Second World War

More than six hundred hours of video taken by front-line soldiers, top-secret operatives, resistance fighters, and private citizens have been declassified and restored in full-color high definition. This six-part series, containing never-before-seen footage, will forever change the way we look at the Second World War.


    • Tomorrow
    • 2:00am
    Jan 28
    The World Ablaze
    • Tomorrow
    • 6:00pm
    Jan 28
    The World Ablaze
    • Monday
    • 7:00pm
    Feb 02
    The Noose

Episode Guide

  • Troops climb a steep hillside near the end of World War II

    The Second World War: Inferno

    Unconditional surrender. Two fateful words full of terrible implications for the Axis countries, but also for the Allies.

  • Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill during World War II

    The Second World War: The Noose

    Stalingrad. In a war with many turning points, none was more horrific than the battle for this key Soviet city.

  • Five kamikaze pilots drink tea

    The Second World War: The World Ablaze

    See Japanese pilots and crewmen waking up in the predawn hours of December 7, 1941, as they prepare to attack their powerful neighbor across the ocean.

  • Siberian troops on the march holding rifles

    The Second World War: Shock

    Restored, unseen footage follows both sides of the war in the east, as sweeping summer victories turn to frozen winter nightmares outside Moscow.

  • Sergeant in the Royal Marines looks at five British women holding wooden mock rifles

    The Second World War: Crushing Defeat

    Holland, Belgium, Norway, and once-mighty France. One by one, allied and neutral countries alike find themselves outmaneuvered and overrun by a ruthless, seemingly unstoppable Wehrmacht.

  • Little girl in France is fitted with a gas mask

    The Second World War: Aggression

    It's 1945 when Berlin lies in ruins as the Red Army ravages its way across Eastern Europe, and the Allies close like pincers on the German capital.


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  • Martin Sheen

    Martin Sheen

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