Soaring over Florida

Aerial America

Take off on a thrilling flight across America. This epic series offers rare glimpses of our nation's most treasured landmarks, all seen from breathtaking heights. From busy cityscapes to quiet landscapes, we capture the history and the pageantry of our amazing country, which is as diverse as the people who occupy it.


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Episode Guide

  • Small docks jutting from forested area over a foggy body of water


    Buckle up and "Roll Tide" as we journey over diverse landscapes and historical landmarks, that collectively tell the tale of Sweet Home Alabama.

  • Small plane soaring over Alaska's mountains

    Alaska's Fire and Ice

    Find out why everything about Alaska is larger, tougher and more extreme than any other state.

  • River with colorful mountains

    Alaska's Call of the Wild

    Answer Alaska's "call of the wild," in a state rife with postcard-perfect beauty and lethal dangers.

  • The Grand Canyon

    Amazing Destinations

    Join us on this cross-country tour over iconic and unknown sights, and discover a side of America that you've never seen before.

  • Large and small United States Air Force planes, parked neatly


    Explore Arizona's remarkable history and its awe-inspiring landscapes, spectacular sunsets, and infamous gunfights.

  • Arkansas Queen riverboat at a dock


    Delve into Arkansas, America's wild interior, from the Mississippi River bottomlands to towering mountain peaks.

  • Small midwestern town with bridges in foreground and distance

    Best Small Towns

    Join us on a cross-country tour over our nation's most fascinating small towns.

  • Exterior shot of estate used for the film 'Dumb and Dumber'

    Beyond Hollywood

    Join us on a coast-to-coast tour of countless locations made famous by Hollywood's greatest films.

  • Stretch of the Pacific Coast Highway


    Buckle up for a non-stop flight as we soar over California's wine country, scenic coastlines, and more.

  • Herd of elk in Colorado


    Colorado is a state with a history, marked by war, a gold rush and legendary bank robberies. Through it all, Colorado remains a feast for the eyes.

  • Spire surrounded by autumnal foliage in Connecticut


    From sleeping giants to Captain Kidd's buried treasure, Connecticut isn't as quaint as you think.

  • View of Miami


    Soar over the metropolis of Miami and the spring break mecca: Panama City. This is a first-class Floridian vacation and you have a window seat!

  • Aerial view of Fort Pulaski in Savannah, Georgia


    This aerial tour of Georgia, the Empire State of the South, offers a view you've never seen before.

  • Sunrise over Hawaiian island


    From Molokai to Maui, discover the stunning landscapes of Hawaii's eight major islands without ever touching the ground.

  • Shoshone Falls, including Bridal Party features


    Soar over Idaho and explore this state's most unexpected sites, from Hell's Canyon to breathtaking waterfalls.

  • Chicago viewed from the west, showing Lake Michigan


    We're searching for the state sites with stories to tell. The state of Illinois is coming soon!

  • View of Indianapolis at sunset


    We're searching for the state sites with stories to tell. The state of Indiana is coming soon!

  • Patterns in cultivated fields


    We're searching for the state sites with stories to tell. The state of Iowa is coming soon!

  • Monument Rocks in Gove County, Kansas


    Enjoy this soaring tour through Kansas, the Sunflower State.

  • Aerial view of Cumberland Falls


    With its rich history and breathtaking beauty, Kentucky is a stunning, hard-won paradise, best viewed from high above.

  • New Orleans at night, showing twin bridges over Mississippi River


    Visit Louisiana, the state where the Big Muddy comes to an end and the Big Easy comes to life.

  • Pair of blue and yellow biplanes in midflight

    Made in the USA

    Celebrate The U.S.A's crowning industrial achievements and the people behind them.

  • Aerial view of Harbor Islands in Maine, showing autumnal foliage


    Discover how Maine's rich resources and cast of characters have helped shape the nation.

  • View of Chesapeake Bay and nearby uncultivated land

    Maryland & Delaware

    Discover Maryland and Delaware, two small states of great historical significance.

  • Old-fashioned sailing ships on Boston Harbor


    Take a flight over Massachusetts, the birthplace of revolutionaries, spanning hundreds of years and just as many spectacular sights.

  • Barge on Lake Michigan in early morning


    Discover Michigan's diverse history and its visionaries who built empires, started unions, and helped win a World War.

  • View of St. Paul and the St. Croix River, from Minneapolis


    Soar over Minnesota, where the mighty Mississippi begins and the blue Midwestern sky never ends.

  • Mississippi mansion with white columns


    Take flight on this journey over Mississippi, a land of hospitality, beauty, and complexity.

  • St. Louis with view of the St. Louis Arch


    We're searching for the state sites with stories to tell. The state of Missouri is coming soon!

  • View of Glacier National Park


    Montana: Big skies, big adventure, and big spirits.

  • Dirt houses with grass roofs


    Soar above the Cornhusker State's vast farms, towering spires, desolate badlands, and gleaming cities.

  • Las Vegas at night, showing imitation Eiffel Tower


    Discover the highs and lows of Nevada's history, and the booms and busts that have defined it.

  • Portsmouth lighthouse

    New Hampshire

    Discover the sights and stories of New Hampshire, from Concord to White Mountain State Park and beyond.

  • Suburban homes with greenery

    New Jersey

    We're searching for the state sites with stories to tell. The state of New Jersey is coming soon!

  • Shiprock, New Mexico

    New Mexico

    See what brought Billy the Kid, the makers of the atomic bomb and perhaps even visitors from far away galaxies to New Mexico.

  • Manhattan Bridge over the East River, showing Lower Manhattan

    New York

    Explore New York's amazing beauty, from the roaring Niagara Falls to a city full of abundant architectural heritage and infamous residents.

  • Bridge to the Outer Banks of North Carolina

    North Carolina

    North Carolina is home to mysteries, giant industries, and coastal beauty.

  • Biplane flying unsettled area, showing cloudy sky


    Take flight over the Buckeye State and witness centuries of American history etched in its soil.

  • Oklahoma's Great Salt Plains in north central Oklahoma


    This flight over Oklahoma the home of famous "Okies" Will Rogers, Brad Pitt, and Geronimo.

  • Smith Rock


    Oregon: From Crater Lake to the High Cascades to the perilous Pacific coastline, this state is full of natural beauty.

  • Pennsylvania Dutch Farmland


    Whether you prefer cheese steak or chocolate, Andy Warhol or Rocky Balboa, this aerial tour of Pennsylvania has something for everyone!

  • San Juan, Puerto Rico

    Puerto Rico

    We're looking forward to this venture away from the mainland. Puerto Rico is coming soon!

  • Mansion in Newport

    Rhode Island

    See Rhode Island from the sky and witness the East Coast's tiny gleaming treasure.

  • Charleston and Myrtle Beach

    South Carolina

    Take flight on a journey that showcases South Carolina's rich and diverse history.

  • Pyramid in Memphis


    Join us as we soar high above Tennessee, the Volunteer State.

  • McDonald Observatory at the University of Texas


    From humble beginnings to boastful proclamations, see why "everything's bigger" in Texas.

  • Field of yellow flowers with trees in background

    The Dakotas

    This lofty journey over North Dakota highlights the Roughrider State's grand beauty.

  • Cruise ships in harbor with smaller ships and mountains

    US Virgin Islands

    We're looking forward to this venture away from the mainland. US Virgin Islands is coming soon!

  • Great Salt Lake, with rock formations


    From the unearthly pinnacles of Arches National Park to the blinding white terrain of the Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah has an alien beauty that you must see to believe.

  • Covered bridge with foliage


    This aerial tour over Vermont captures the beauty and history of a state that chose its own path.

  • Old wooden mill with water wheel


    Virginia proudly celebrates its past without losing its sense of fun and history.

  • Seattle at sunset with Space Needle in foreground


    Experience all sides of Washington State, from thousands of feet in the air.

  • Washington Monument at dusk

    Washington, DC

    Discover hidden secrets and hidden natural gems wind through our nation's capital. Washington, D.C. is coming soon.

  • State Capitol Building in Charleston, showing ornate gold dome

    West Virginia

    This flight across the West Virginia's towering peaks reveals why John Denver called it "almost heaven."

  • Female elk with wilderness background


    Take a cross-country flight over icy landscapes in Alaska's Denali, vast wetlands in Florida's Everglades, and over 100 million acres of badlands, deserts, and mountains.

  • Farmland with barn, siloes, and foliage


    We're searching for the state sites with stories to tell. The state of Wisconsin is coming soon!

  • Grand Prismatic Spring at Yellowstone


    Soar over Wyoming and explore the fertile landscapes that first lured men like Jim Bridger out West in search of furs and game.

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