Rise of the Robots

Rise of the Robots

Sci-fi cyborgs have influenced real-world technology. Experience the history of robotic evolution.

Bionic Bodies

Bionic Bodies

Incredible bodies are among us. Meet the individuals whose lives have been changed by state-of-the art bionic parts.

Meet the Makers

Meet the Makers

They're pushing the boundaries of the human body. Meet the innovative engineers behind the bionics.

The Incredible Bionic Man: Sneak Peek

The living, bleeding next step in our evolution.

  • Bertolt Meyer

    Bertolt Meyer

    Bertolt Meyer was the human model for the bionic man. He is a psychology professor who has used a prosthetic limb since he was just three months old. Born with a congenitally missing lower left arm, he has seen the development of prosthetic technology firsthand, and in 2009 became Switzerland's first user of one of the most advanced kinds - the Touch Bionics iLimb.

  • Richard Walker

    Richard Walker

    As the Managing Director of Shadow Robot, Richard Walker collaborates with universities, hospitals, and researchers worldwide. He studied mathematics at the University of Cambridge and helped to invent the world's most dexterous, commercial robotic hand.

  • Alexander Seifalian

    Alexander Seifalian

    Professor Alexander Seifalian and his colleagues at University College London invented a method of creating artificial organs. Using a patient's stem cells and a scaffolding made of a new kind of nanomaterial, he has been able to implant synthetic body parts, including the first ever synthetic trachea, tear duct, nose, ear and coronary artery bypass graft.

Bionic Body Parts
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