Northern Eagle

Mighty Ships: Northern Eagle

Both a fishing trawler and a floating factory, the Northern Eagle is able to catch, fillet, and freeze up to 160 tons of fish a day. But before the most advanced ship in North America can begin that process, she must first find the fish. Set sail on the bitter and brutal Bering Sea as this ship and her crew embark on the most important fishing trip of the year, at the height of spawning season. The chance for reward is great and so is the risk of failure. Her 140-man crew is paid by the value of her haul and all eyes are on the captain to land the big catch.

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This Is Where Your Fish Sticks Are Filleted

From sea to serving tray, pollock is processed and frozen at a mind-blowing rate of 150 fillets per minute; all on board this mighty ship that doubles as a food factory.