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You never know what's in store. Take a peek inside Hollywood's hottest vintage outfit.



Vintage Clothing Guru

"I invest in the Frock Market, instead of the Stock Market."

Doris knows every detail about every piece of clothing in her store. An expert on the history of fashion, designers, and repairs, she has an impeccable eye that's helped her build a multi-million dollar collection. For her, vintage is an addiction that she's turned from a hobby into a thriving business. The Way We Wore(R) is the destination for Hollywood's modern-day glitterati and high-profile stylists to the stars.

Shelly Lyn

Shelly Lyn

The Fixer

"No such thing as class, always sass."

Since she was a kid playing with her grandmother's jewelry, Shelly Lyn has been obsessed with sparkles, vintage, and glamour. She learned to sew in order to make her own clothes, and now she's the store's one-woman repair shop whose sense of humor keeps the team on their toes.



The Stylist

"Of course it's hideous. That's the point!"

One of the newest additions to the team, Jascmeen is in charge of keeping the store in the 21st century - even though most of her wardrobe is from the 1980s. She runs the blog, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for The Way We Wore(R). Her bold style is all about feeling powerful.



Vintage Virtuoso

"Vintage fashion gives us a tactile connection to who we were, where we came from and how we strive to be what we want to be."

Sarah has worked with Doris for 20 years and is the backbone of the business. She manages the store, making sure the customers, staff, and Doris stay in line. At every auction, she brings her common sense and business savvy to tame Doris' maverick enthusiasm. Her amazing ability to edit through thousands of pieces to find one perfect gem is one of the store's greatest resources.



The Ambassador

"With every great outfit comes alterations."

Inspired by his mother's 1970s hair modeling career, Kyle is obsessed with fashion and beauty. With aspirations to become a freelance stylist, he works with designers who come into the store looking for inspiration, trying to find patterns and fabrics that tell a new story. With an innate eye for style and up-and-coming talent, Kyle is poised to become an influential player in the fashion community.