Chateau of Versailles

Museum Secrets Revealed: Chateau of Versailles

Each year, three million people flock to the outskirts of Paris to visit the palace once occupied by French monarchs: Versailles. Now a museum, artifacts representing revolutionaries and royalty fill its rooms, telling stories of musketeers, mistresses, a monk's bubbly quaff, and more. We reveal the encrypted letters of Marie Antoinette, discover the real man behind the fictional D'Artagnan, investigate the suspicious death of a king's mistress, and other secrets hidden in the gilded halls of this legendary chateau.

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The "Let Them Eat Cake Line" Is a Lie

Did Marie Antoinette really say, "Let them eat cake"? Discover the truth about France's most infamous queen though her coded letters written to Swedish diplomat and alleged lover, Axel von Fersen.