Inside the Natural History Museum of London

Museum Secrets Revealed: Inside the Natural History Museum of London

On the outside, it looks like a church, but inside, it's a cathedral of nature. The Natural History Museum in London is home to fascinating, odd and downright disturbing artifacts. Some reveal surprising stories of our past, others warn us about the paths that lead to the future. Take an after-hours tour down dark passageways as we uncover the ancient Britons' barbaric past, examine the sinister curse of the Delhi Purple Sapphire, and reveal the real reason for the annihilation of the dodo, a fate that could befall man if we're not careful.

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Ice Age Cannibals

Skulls from the end of the last Ice Age show signs of being tampered with and dissected by humans, providing evidence for the theory that during desperate times, early humans resorted to cannibalism.