Shark Girl

For 20-year-old Madison Stewart, nothing feels safer than diving straight into shark-infested waters. Follow her as she attempts to protect these incredible, misunderstood creatures before they disappear.

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  • Genius in America

    Genius in America

    Meet the recipients of the 2013 Smithsonian Magazine American Ingenuity Awards and witness their achievements in the fields of science, technology, arts, social progress, education, and more.

    Duration: 46:00

  • Seizing Justice: The Greensboro 4

    Seizing Justice: The Greensboro 4

    Witness the story of four young men who stood up to racism and social injustice by taking a seat. This is the story of the Greensboro Four.

    Duration: 46:30

  • Jefferson's Secret Bible

    Jefferson's Secret Bible

    Along with authoring the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson also wrote "The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth" which focused on the ethical teachings of Jesus from the New Testament.

    Duration: 51:00

  • 9/11: Stories in Fragments

    9/11: Stories in Fragments

    The powerful stories of these ordinary object's friendship, courage, acts remind us that the legacy of 9/11 is not feand ordinary people pushed by extraordinary circumstances.

    Duration: 46:00

  • Hitler's Riches

    Hitler's Riches

    Months after World War II, an extraordinary discovery was made inside a Nazi official's coat lining: the last will of Adolf Hitler. This is the untold story of the dictator's controversial final document, written hours before he took his life.

    Duration: 46:00

  • I Was a Jet Set Stewardess

    I Was a Jet Set Stewardess

    In the 1960s, jetliners changed air travel forever. Return to this golden age of commercial flight, when pilots looked like movie stars, passengers ate 7-course meals in economy, and charming stewardesses became the glamorous faces of the industry.

    Duration: 46:00

  • America's Secret D-Day Disaster

    America's Secret D-Day Disaster

    Six weeks before D-Day, British, American, and Canadian soldiers took part in a dress rehearsal for their Normandy invasion. Shockingly, the exercise would ultimately claim more American lives than the attack on Utah Beach. So what happened, exactly?

    Duration: 51:03

  • Mission to Murder Hitler

    Mission to Murder Hitler

    Before Tom Cruise immortalized him in "Valkyrie" Stauffenberg was an unsung hero of the German resistance movement.

    Duration: 46:00

  • The Real Story: Star Trek

    The Real Story: Star Trek

    Meet Star Trek's producers, the first Trekkies, and Mr. Spock himself to discover the true story of Star Trek's history and how its vision of the future has influenced today's technology.

    Duration: 46:00

    From: The Real Story

  • Great White Code Red

    Great White Code Red

    Two biologists join forces to unlock the hunting secrets of the ocean's perfect predator, the great white shark. They'll go beneath its skin, dissecting the giant to reveal the six senses that drive this powerful creature to the ultimate attack.

    Duration: 46:00

  • Crash Test Heroes: The Dummy Revolution

    Crash Test Heroes: The Dummy Revolution

    They've been rammed, beaten, dropped, run over, and even decapitated, all in the name of automotive safety. Join us as we track the evolution of the crash test dummy, one spectacular car wreck at a time.

    Duration: 46:00

  • Sacred Sites: Ireland

    Sacred Sites: Ireland

    Why did the Irish stop worshipping the earth 5,000 years ago? Did St. Patrick really act alone in converting them to Christianity in the 5th century? Historians, astronomers, and scientists believe answers to these questions lie in the stars.

    Duration: 51:00

  • Space Voyages: The Moon and Beyond

    Space Voyages: The Moon and Beyond

    Venture back to our early space adventures with Buzz Aldrin, Jim Lovell and NASA experts and learn about the successes and failures of the Apollo missions. Follow today's technicians as they reach for the stars by learning from lessons of the past.

    Duration: 51:02

    From: Space Voyages

  • Black Mamba: Kiss of Death

    Black Mamba: Kiss of Death

    The bite of the black mamba can deliver enough neurotoxic venom to kill 15 grown men. It has one of Africa's worst reputations, but does it deserve its bad rap? Join snake bounty hunter Simon Keys, whose sanctuary offers a unique look at the secret behavior of this much-maligned snake.

    Duration: 46:02

  • Aerial America: Hawaii

    Aerial America: Hawaii

    Discover the stunning landscapes and stories of Hawaii's eight major islands. Fly above lush green cliffs, black-sand beaches, ancient ruins, and modern cities.

    Duration: 46:30

    From: Aerial America

  • The King's Skeleton: Richard III Revealed

    The King's Skeleton: Richard III Revealed

    The bones of Richard III were thought to be lost forever, buried unceremoniously on the battlefield. But in 2012, a skeleton was found in a parking lot, and history had to be rewritten.

    Duration: 01:09:00

  • A Star-Spangled Story: Battle for America

    A Star-Spangled Story: Battle for America

    Did you know "The Star-Spangled Banner" was written when America faced total military defeat? Discover this and other anthem secrets as we travel back to 1814 and reveals its surprising origins.

    Duration: 51:00

  • The Incredible Bionic Man

    The Incredible Bionic Man

    Meet the Bionic Man: a talking, breathing, walking man, made of the best prosthetic body parts and robotic technology available

    Duration: 46:00

  • Samurai Headhunters

    Samurai Headhunters

    The Samurai have held a special place in Japanese history and culture. Discover how legend has obscured the truth about how these elite knights actually lived, loved, fought, and died.

    Duration: 46:00

  • Aerial America: Montana

    Aerial America: Montana

    Montana is the state of big skies, big adventure, and big spirits. Explore the Treasure State's mountains and milestones, its legends and landmarks, all from spectacular heights.

    Duration: 51:00

    From: Aerial America

  • The Day Kennedy Died

    The Day Kennedy Died

    Explore the story of JFK's assassination told through the unheard testimonies of those who were there. Experience November 22, 1963 as it has never been presented before, narrated by Kevin Spacey.

    Duration: 01:32:00

  • The Gospel of Jesus's Wife

    The Gospel of Jesus's Wife

    A startling discovery, scholars confirm that a codex written in the ancient Coptic language refers to the wife of Jesus. It doesn't prove Christ was married, but it opens the door for new interpretations of a religious story we thought we knew.

    Duration: 46:00

  • Goshawk: Soul of the Wind

    Goshawk: Soul of the Wind

    Meet the Goshawk, a national treasure that reigns over the mountains of Korea. Speeding through woodlands, its four-foot wingspan, long tail, razor-sharp talons and extraordinary eyesight allows it to ambush its prey with precision.

    Duration: 46:02

  • Shark Girl

    Shark Girl

    For 20-year-old Madison Stewart, nothing feels safer than diving straight into shark-infested waters. Follow her as she attempts to protect these incredible, misunderstood creatures before they disappear.

    Duration: 46:00

  • Undersea Edens: The Majestic South

    Undersea Edens: The Majestic South

    Australia's southern sea is an exotic wonderland where the dragons are harmless and the sharks sport beards. Isolated from the rest of the planet for 40 million years, the South Coast holds many secrets and mysteries in its deep cold waters.

    Duration: 26:32

    From: Undersea Edens

  • Freud's Naked Truths

    Freud's Naked Truths

    Artist Lucian Freud, grandson of Sigmund, spent much of his career in relative obscurity. In the last quarter of his life, however, his audaciously explicit portraits would intrigue the art world, and break records at auction. This is his story.

    Duration: 46:02

  • Shackleton's Frozen Hell

    Shackleton's Frozen Hell

    In 1914, the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition came to a cold stop. Explorer Ernest Shackleton and his crew found themselves fighting for survival against starvation and sub-zero conditions.

    Duration: 46:00

  • The Origins of Oz

    The Origins of Oz

    'The Wonderful Wizard of Oz,' author L. Frank Baum's timeless story, inspired the most beloved characters in pop-culture history. Visit the real-life locations that inspired Baum's 'Land of Oz' and discover how this classic tale came to be.

    Duration: 46:00

  • Mighty Ships: USCGC Bertholf

    Mighty Ships: USCGC Bertholf

    Loaded with chase boats, high-tech weaponry, and a helicopter gunship, the U.S. Coast Guard ship Cutter Bertholf is America's latest weapon in the war on drugs. Join her and her crew as they patrol the dangerous waters off the coast of Colombia.

    Duration: 44:32

    From: Mighty Ships

  • Mystical Journey: Kumbh Mela

    Mystical Journey: Kumbh Mela

    West meets East when acclaimed actor Dominic West goes on a pilgrimage to Northern India to attend Kumbh Mela, the biggest religious festival in the world. Learn about the culture of this triennial celebration.

    Duration: 46:00

  • The Real Story: Jurassic Park

    The Real Story: Jurassic Park

    Bringing dinosaurs back to life was the fictional focus of this Hollywood blockbuster but is a real-life dino island really possible? With a script based on real-life experts and real world discovers, this monster movie may be more fact than fiction.

    Duration: 46:00

    From: The Real Story

  • Warriors of the Kalahari

    Warriors of the Kalahari

    The honey badger of the Kalahari is so fierce, it's listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most fearless animal on earth. See how this creature and many others survive in harsh conditions.

    Duration: 46:00

  • Hippo Ganglands

    Hippo Ganglands

    Did you know that a hippo's bite could snap a crocodile in two? See these three-ton beasts' darker side as their homes turn from a luxuriant paradise into a waterless hell.

    Duration: 46:00

  • Wild Burma: Elusive Elephants

    Wild Burma: Elusive Elephants

    It's up to a team of scientists to convince the Burmese government the diverse forests of Burma need protection. Join them as they track down one of Earth's most-endangered mammals: Asian elephants.

    Duration: 46:00

    From: Wild Burma

  • Angkor Wat: Throne of Power

    Angkor Wat: Throne of Power

    In the darkest days of the Khmer Empire, the future of Cambodia rested on the shoulders of an exiled prince. See how he built Angkor Thom into a sprawling city and a vibrant, thriving civilization.

    Duration: 46:00

    From: Angkor: Land of the Gods

  • Mystery Files: Nostradamus

    Mystery Files: Nostradamus

    Some believe Nostradamus predicted 9/11, the rise of Hitler, and JFK's assassination, but is there a real link between these events and his ancient prophecies?

    Duration: 23:00

    From: Mystery Files

  • Air Disasters: Fatal Distraction

    Air Disasters: Fatal Distraction

    Eastern Airlines Flight 401 is preparing to land in Miami when the nose gear indicator light fails. The crew puts the plane on autopilot to investigate, unaware they're descending into the Florida Everglades.

    Duration: 46:00

    From: Air Disasters

  • Air Disasters: Southern Storm

    Air Disasters: Southern Storm

    Rain and baseball-sized hail hammer a DC-9 and shatter its windshield. When both engines fail, the pilots land their plane on a rural Georgia highway, a maneuver that ultimately costs many lives.

    Duration: 46:00

    From: Air Disasters

  • Hindenburg: The Untold Story

    Hindenburg: The Untold Story

    Who or what brought history's most famous airship burning to the ground? Relive the tragedy that shocked the world and sent one man on a tireless mission to answer that question.

    Duration: 01:40:00

  • Air Disasters: Fanning Flames

    Air Disasters: Fanning Flames

    When South African Airways Flight 295 caught fire and crashed at sea in 1987, rumors swirled that it was the target of a terrorist attack. But the truth could only be found at the bottom of the Indian Ocean.

    Duration: 46:00

    From: Air Disasters

  • Air Disasters: Invisible Killer

    Air Disasters: Invisible Killer

    Suddenly, Flight 191 to Dallas rockets toward a highway less than a mile from its destination. See how investigators identified the mysterious cause and helped stop the invisible killer from striking again.

    Duration: 46:00

    From: Air Disasters

  • Air Disasters: Mixed Signals

    Air Disasters: Mixed Signals

    Moments after takeoff, the pilots of Birgenair Flight 301 are told the plane is flying too fast, and then warned that they're traveling too slowly. The plane then plummets into the ocean, killing all on board.

    Duration: 46:00

    From: Air Disasters

  • Aerial America: Florida

    Aerial America: Florida

    From the sugar-white beaches of Siesta Key, to the green wetlands of the Everglades, to vast Florida orange groves, discover the colorful sights and history of the Sunshine State.

    Duration: 51:00

    From: Aerial America

  • Speed Kills: Savannah

    Speed Kills: Savannah

    Speed determines who lives and who dies on the expansive battleground of the African savannah.

    Duration: 46:02

    From: Speed Kills

  • Oasis Earth

    Oasis Earth

    A mission to map planet earth might change our perspective of life itself.

    Duration: 46:30

  • Dino Stampede

    Dino Stampede

    In remote Australia, scientists discover a 100-million-year-old set of dinosaur tracks. It reveals evidence of hundreds of prehistoric animals fleeing across mud in the only dinosaur stampeded known to man.

    Duration: 46:00

  • Gallipoli


    Gallipoli was not just a brutal WWI battle fought on the tiny Turkish peninsula, but also an epic tale of courage, stubborn endurance and enormous casualties.

    Duration: 01:32:30

  • The Real Story: Silence of the Lambs

    The Real Story: Silence of the Lambs

    Explore the chilling world of real-life serial killers and determined FBI agents who inspired one of Hollywood's most terrifying thrillers.

    Duration: 46:40

    From: The Real Story

  • Air Disasters: Under Pressure

    Air Disasters: Under Pressure

    On Nigeria Airways Flight 2120, the hydraulics system fails, the cabin fills with smoke, and flames grow in the wheel well. Will the pilots be able to safely land and save the lives of 247 passengers?

    Duration: 46:00

    From: Air Disasters

  • Mighty Ships: USS Nimitz

    Mighty Ships: USS Nimitz

    At 24 stories high, USS Nimitz is as lethal as she is massive. Armed with 75 supersonic fighter jets, she's ready for combat at any moment. See how she prepares for deployment to seas near Afghanistan.

    Duration: 45:00

    From: Mighty Ships

  • Amazing Plants

    Amazing Plants

    Can plants feel pain? Use the telephone? Set traps for their prey? We uncover the secret lives of plants - from seedlings to houseplants to tropical flowers.

    Duration: 46:30

  • Hunt for the Double Eagle

    Hunt for the Double Eagle

    The Double Eagle is the world's most valuable coin, coveted by billionaires and royalty. From a Secret Service sting to an Egyptian king's palace, learn its sordid history of greed and corruption.

    Duration: 46:30

  • Mystery Files: The Virgin Queen

    Mystery Files: The Virgin Queen

    The wife of Robert Dudley, Queen Elizabeth I's reputed lover, is found dead at the bottom of a flight of stairs. Was she murdered? Did she commit suicide? Join us as we use modern crime scene techniques to illuminate this juicy medieval mystery.

    Duration: 23:00

    From: Mystery Files

  • Dive Detectives: Edmund Fitzgerald

    Dive Detectives: Edmund Fitzgerald

    In 1975, the Great Lakes freighter S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald sailed into a giant winter storm, split in two, and vanished. There were no survivors. But what was the real cause of its destruction?

    Duration: 46:00

    From: Dive Detectives

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