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  • Malaysia 370: The Plane that Vanished

    Malaysia 370: The Plane that Vanished

    On March 8, 2014, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 vanished into thin air. What followed was the biggest search in aviation history, with the entire world watching. This is the story behind one of the most perplexing aviation mysteries of modern times.

    Duration: 46:02

  • Secrets of the Third Reich: Hitler's Madness

    Secrets of the Third Reich: Hitler's Madness

    Was Hitler's personal physician, Theodor Morell, actually a double agent assigned to kill his boss or was he simply a quack? And did his dubious medical treatments contribute to the mad dictator's extreme behavior? Join us as we investigate.

    Duration: 46:02

    From: Secrets of the Third Reich

  • Stonehenge Empire

    Stonehenge Empire

    For centuries, Stonehenge has been cloaked in mystery. Who built it? How did they do it? Why did they do it and what is its significance? Now, a team of archaeologists uses new technology to find out, and their discoveries exceed all expectations.

    Duration: 00:00

  • When Lions Attack

    When Lions Attack

    When dry season hits northern Zimbabwe's Mana Pools National Park, the claws come out. Join the hunt with two hungry, competing lion families as they stalk and attack the unsuspecting prey who wander through their turfs, looking for water.

    Duration: 46:02

  • The King's Speech Revealed

    The King's Speech Revealed

    The Oscar-winning film revealed an unlikely friendship, and inspired an unlikely journey.

    Duration: 46:02

  • Secrets: The Turin Shroud

    Secrets: The Turin Shroud

    Is the Shroud of Turin the burial cloth of Jesus Christ? The Vatican refuses to take an official position on its authenticity. Explore radically different theories using archeological expertise.

    Duration: 46:00

    From: Secrets

  • Secrets: Richard III Revealed

    Secrets: Richard III Revealed

    Has one of history's most reviled kings finally been found? The body of Richard III vanished after being killed in battle, leaving just his terrible reputation behind. Unlock this skeleton's secrets.

    Duration: 46:00

    From: Secrets

  • Secrets: A Viking Map

    Secrets: A Viking Map

    The Vinland Map was allegedly created 50 years before Columbus set sail, but amazingly, it features the coast of North America. If it's authentic, it threatens to rewrite history as we know it.

    Duration: 46:00

    From: Secrets

  • Secrets: Golden Raft of El Dorado

    Secrets: Golden Raft of El Dorado

    A golden statue discovered in a cave near Bogota may be the key to the greatest treasure never found: El Dorado. See legend and fact collide to uncover the truth behind the myth.

    Duration: 46:00

    From: Secrets

  • Secrets: Easter Island

    Secrets: Easter Island

    The giants of Easter Island are some of the most recognizable statues on Earth, and some of the least understood. Why were hundreds of these enormous figures built and then toppled to the ground? Our experts reveal a story of extraordinary struggle.

    Duration: 46:02

    From: Secrets

  • Killer In The Caves

    Killer In The Caves

    In a race against time, Dr. DeeAnn Reeder is searching for a mysterious killer. A disease known as white-nose syndrome is wiping out bat populations by the millions - and the cause and cure are still unknown.

    Duration: 46:00

  • The Perfect Runner

    The Perfect Runner

    Before we were hunters, we were hunted by stronger, faster animals. So how did we evolve to dominate our world? Evolutionary biologists believe it has less to do with our brains than our ability to run.

    Duration: 46:00

  • Amy Winehouse: One Shining Night

  • The Seven Dwarfs of Auschwitz

    The Seven Dwarfs of Auschwitz

    Join actor Warwick Davis as he tells the story of the Ovitz family, seven dwarf performers who became prisoners and guinea pigs to the Nazis. Warwick's expedition takes us to Eastern Europe and explores their remarkable story of human endurance.

    Duration: 45:30

  • Treblinka: Hitler's Killing Machine

    Treblinka: Hitler's Killing Machine

    Forensic archeologist Caroline Sturdy Colls is given unprecedented access to excavate Hitler's secret extermination camp, Treblinka. All evidence of the camp and its victims had vanished... until now.

    Duration: 46:00

  • Aerial America: The Dakotas

    Aerial America: The Dakotas

    Soar above North Dakota and South Dakota, and explore two states born from one great territory. From Mount Rushmore to Lewis and Clark, we reveal the milestones, landmarks, and notable figures that shaped the destinies of these breathtaking states.

    Duration: 46:00

    From: Aerial America

  • Kennedy's Suicide Bomber

    Kennedy's Suicide Bomber

    Three years before Lee Harvey Oswald made history, another loner tried to kill President Kennedy with a car bomb. Discover the story of Richard Pavlick and see what happens when we test if his assassination attempt would have worked.

    Duration: 45:42

  • Blondie's New York

    Blondie's New York

    Blondie went from a band fighting for punk cred at CBGB to international fame, thanks in large part to one genre-defying album: Parallel Lines. 40 years and over 16-million copies later, lead singer Debbie Harry tells all about its making

    Duration: 51:00

  • Secrets: The Sphinx

    Secrets: The Sphinx

    When was Egypt's Great Sphinx built? Who built it and why? Join a team of investigators as they attempt to shed new light on these questions using the latest research and techniques.

    Duration: 46:00

    From: Secrets

  • Cheetah: Race to Rule

    Cheetah: Race to Rule

    Gunner, a Cheetah from the Botswana grassland, is the runt of the litter, with two brothers who protect him. But when they're killed, he's forced to grow up. Can he learn to survive on his own or will he die fighting a rival cheetah coalition?

    Duration: 46:00

  • The Real Story: Titanic

    The Real Story: Titanic

    Navigate the tricky waters of reality and fiction in the Oscar-winning blockbuster "Titanic."

    Duration: 46:02

    From: The Real Story

  • Stories from the Vaults: Nature's Vault

    Stories from the Vaults: Nature's Vault

    Tom Cavanagh takes you to the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama. Follow him as he tracks sloths, searches for clues to the creation of the Panamanian Isthmus, and rises 16 stories in a crane to research bug life atop the rainforest.

    Duration: 26:31

    From: Stories from the Vaults

  • The Lost Gods: The Celts

    The Lost Gods: The Celts

    As they faded into history, their gods died with them. Discover the lost religion of the ancient Celts, whose druid priests presided over polytheistic rituals and ceremonies until Christianity replaced the old beliefs.

    Duration: 24:54

    From: The Lost Gods

  • Crowning New York

    Crowning New York

    After the attacks of 9/11, the entire world watched to see what could fill the void where the Twin Towers once stood. Now, witness the story of One World Trade Center, one of the most significant, and dangerous, construction jobs ever launched.

    Duration: 46:00

  • 9/11: The Heartland Tapes

    9/11: The Heartland Tapes

    This is an account of the tragedy of 9/11 as it unfolded on local TV and radio, and as it aired in American cities large and small, told without narration or interviews.

    Duration: 51:00

  • Tomb Detectives: Vampire Graves

    Tomb Detectives: Vampire Graves

    Excavations of abandoned cemeteries in Griswold, Connecticut, and in Prague reveal a number of burials showing signs of decapitation and bone rearrangement. Archaeologists investigate, suspecting connections to a folkloric belief in vampires.

    Duration: 26:31

    From: Tomb Detectives

  • Turf War: Lions & Giants

    Turf War: Lions & Giants

    The dry season has scorched Africa's Luangwa Rift Valley and ignited an intense battle. Here on the banks of a drying river, lions and hippos fight for territory along this scarce life source, a clash that escalates as the water level drops.

    Duration: 46:00

  • Stranded: Alpine Air Crash

    Stranded: Alpine Air Crash

    When a U.S. military transport plane crashes high in the Swiss Alps, all 12 passengers miraculously live. But their horrific ordeal has just begun, as they face plummeting temperatures with little food and a dying radio. Will they survive?

    Duration: 46:00

  • Elephants in the Room

    Elephants in the Room

    At a five-star lodge in Zambia, an elephant family waltzes through the lobby each year. While elephants can be violent in the wild, here they grace past reception without bumping a chair. But why? Cameraman Nathan Pilcher is on a mission to find out.

    Duration: 46:01

  • Angkor: Land of the Gods: Empire Rising

    Angkor: Land of the Gods: Empire Rising

    Angkor Wat is the largest temple on the face of the Earth and a symbol of one of the greatest empires in the history of Southeast Asia. See how it was constructed over four backbreaking decades, and witness the monument in all its glory and splendor.

    Duration: 46:02

    From: Angkor: Land of the Gods

  • Mighty Ships: Oasis of the Seas

    Mighty Ships: Oasis of the Seas

    Pack your bags for a maiden voyage aboard the biggest cruise ship ever built.

    Duration: 46:00

    From: Mighty Ships

  • Silicon Valley Rebels

    Silicon Valley Rebels

    Before Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, there was the "Fairchild Eight," who built Silicon Valley from the ground up. This film reveals how willpower, jealousy, and the joy of making the impossible possible drove these men to reinvent the American Dream.

    Duration: 46:02

  • The Hunt for Bin Laden

    The Hunt for Bin Laden

    The billion-dollar manhunt for Osama Bin Laden escalated during the Bush administration and ended during Obama's term. Now, key players tell us how they finally brought down the Al-Qaeda leader.

    Duration: 01:32:01

  • The Real Lion Queen

    The Real Lion Queen

    Settlers, poachers, and hunters have almost wiped out the lion population in Zambia's Liuwa Plains National Park, leaving just one lone lioness. Follow cinematographer Herbert Brauer on a six-year quest to find a mate for her to build a pride with.

    Duration: 46:00

  • Dangerous Flights: Cockpit Crisis

    Dangerous Flights: Cockpit Crisis

    Pilots Cory Bengtzen and Randy McGehee are caught in a battle for survival, flying through Northeastern Russia. Witness the effects of hypothermia as the two fight to keep their body temperatures up and their sanity intact amid plunging temperatures.

    Duration: 45:02

    From: Dangerous Flights

  • Speed Kills: Jungle

    Speed Kills: Jungle

    The world's jungles host some of the fastest animals on the planet. Vipers strike at lightning speed, spiders leap 70 times their body length and chameleons snatch their prey at speeds of 900 MPH.

    Duration: 46:00

    From: Speed Kills

  • Concorde: Flying Supersonic

    Concorde: Flying Supersonic

    Witness the definitive story of the world's first and last supersonic passenger jet. See how the Concorde was created and find out what happened when it crashed. And discover why we'll likely never see anything like it again.

    Duration: 01:09:00

  • Venom Islands

    Venom Islands

    On a string of Indonesian islands, poisonous predators lurk. Some bite. Some sting. Some strike quickly, each with their own toxic cocktail. Join Dr. Bryan Fry as he risks it all to get up close and personal with vipers, komodo dragons, and more.

    Duration: 46:00

  • Speed Kills: Desert

    Speed Kills: Desert

    In the scorching Namib Desert, the dunes are filled with predators and the only way to survive this is with speed and deadliness. Follow desert hunters like shovel-snouted lizards, sidewinders, even a stray cheetah, and witness their rapid attacks.

    Duration: 46:01

    From: Speed Kills

  • Cruise Ship Down: Saving Costa Concordia

    Cruise Ship Down: Saving Costa Concordia

    When the Costa Concordia hit a submerged rock off Italy's Tuscan coast, it was the largest passenger shipwreck in history. Now, see her crash, captured on video by those aboard the 140,000-ton liner.

    Duration: 46:00

  • The Real Story: Jaws

    The Real Story: Jaws

    The Steven Spielberg classic terrified millions in 1975, and, decades later, still has teeth. But could a great white really be a serial killer? Dive into the murky waters of fact and fiction as we reveal the truth about sharks and "Jaws."

    Duration: 46:03

    From: The Real Story

  • Mystery Files: Abraham Lincoln

    Mystery Files: Abraham Lincoln

    Abraham Lincoln has been canonized as an American hero, but the true story of his life reveals that he was a more complicated character.

    Duration: 23:00

    From: Mystery Files

  • Dive Detectives: Ghost Ship

    Dive Detectives: Ghost Ship

    There was no mayday call. No sailors reported missing. No record of it vanishing. So what happened to this massive cargo ship lying at the bottom of the Caribbean Sea? Dive in to the heart of the vessel with us to find out.

    Duration: 46:02

    From: Dive Detectives

  • Aerial America: Hawaii

    Aerial America: Hawaii

    Discover the stunning landscapes and stories of Hawaii's eight major islands. Fly above lush green cliffs, black-sand beaches, ancient ruins, and modern cities.

    Duration: 46:30

    From: Aerial America

  • Samurai Headhunters

    Samurai Headhunters

    The Samurai have held a special place in Japanese history and culture. Discover how legend has obscured the truth about how these elite knights actually lived, loved, fought, and died.

    Duration: 46:00

  • Wild Burma: Elusive Elephants

    Wild Burma: Elusive Elephants

    It's up to a team of scientists to convince the Burmese government the diverse forests of Burma need protection. Join them as they track down one of Earth's most-endangered mammals: Asian elephants.

    Duration: 46:00

    From: Wild Burma

  • Hippo Ganglands

    Hippo Ganglands

    Did you know that a hippo's bite could snap a crocodile in two? See these three-ton beasts' darker side as their homes turn from a luxuriant paradise into a waterless hell.

    Duration: 46:00

  • Air Disasters: Mixed Signals

    Air Disasters: Mixed Signals

    Moments after takeoff, the pilots of Birgenair Flight 301 are told the plane is flying too fast, and then warned that they're traveling too slowly. The plane then plummets into the ocean, killing all on board.

    Duration: 46:00

    From: Air Disasters

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