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  • Dive Detectives: Edmund Fitzgerald

    Dive Detectives: Edmund Fitzgerald

    In 1975, the Great Lakes freighter S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald sailed into a giant winter storm, split in two, and vanished. There were no survivors. But what was the real cause of its destruction?

    Duration: 46:00

    From: Dive Detectives

  • Mighty Ships: Norwegian Epic

    Mighty Ships: Norwegian Epic

    This billion-dollar mega-cruise ship carries 4,100 passengers on week-long voyages of lavish, sea-faring hedonism. But narrow harbors, menacing storms, missing passengers keep the crew at bay.

    Duration: 44:30

    From: Mighty Ships

  • Titanoboa: Monster Snake

    Titanoboa: Monster Snake

    Meet Titanoboa: She's longer than a bus, eats crocodiles for breakfast and makes the anaconda look like a garter snake.

    Duration: 01:32:00

  • Air Disasters: Gimli Glider

    Air Disasters: Gimli Glider

    The pilot had flown a glider before, but not one that's 95 tons and filled with over 60 terrified passengers and crew.

    Duration: 46:01

    From: Air Disasters

  • Mystery Files: Nostradamus

    Mystery Files: Nostradamus

    Some believe Nostradamus predicted 9/11, the rise of Hitler, and JFK's assassination, but is there a real link between these events and his ancient prophecies?

    Duration: 23:00

    From: Mystery Files

  • Lions in Battle

    Lions in Battle

    Travel to southern Africa to follow a pride of lions as they struggle for survival against combative prey and unforgiving surroundings.

    Duration: 46:00

  • Mystery Files: Pope Joan

    Mystery Files: Pope Joan

    Did a female Pope really exist? Historians and theologians analyze archives and investigate the artifacts to answer this gender-bending mystery.

    Duration: 23:00

    From: Mystery Files

  • Skin Deep

    Skin Deep

    Where does skin color come from? Anthropologist Nina Jablonski has worked to answer this question, and her discoveries are changing the way we understand the world's sepia rainbow of skin tones.

    Duration: 46:00

  • Mystery of The Hope Diamond

    Mystery of The Hope Diamond

    The legend is as multifaceted as the gem, spanning one billion years, three continents and leaving a trail of intrigue, envy and death. Learn why the Hope Diamond inspires fear, passion and interest and see its new limited-edition setting revealed.

    Duration: 46:00

  • Treblinka: Hitler's Killing Machine

    Treblinka: Hitler's Killing Machine

    Forensic archeologist Caroline Sturdy Colls is given unprecedented access to excavate Hitler's secret extermination camp, Treblinka. All evidence of the camp and its victims had vanished... until now.

    Duration: 46:00

  • Cruise Ship Down: Saving Costa Concordia

    Cruise Ship Down: Saving Costa Concordia

    When the Costa Concordia hit a submerged rock off Italy's Tuscan coast, it was the largest passenger shipwreck in history. Now, see her crash, captured on video by those aboard the 140,000-ton liner.

    Duration: 51:00

  • Air Disasters: Mayday Munich

    Air Disasters: Mayday Munich

    Disaster strikes a Munich airport when a charter aircraft carrying the Manchester United soccer team crashes during take-off, killing eight players. Join investigators as they determine the cause.

    Duration: 45:15

    From: Air Disasters

  • Air Disasters: Turning Point

    Air Disasters: Turning Point

    More than 35,000 feet over the Bering Sea, the crew of Northwest Airlines Flight 85 battle with a crippled plane. Witness the grave attempt to bring this Boeing 747-400 with 386 passengers to safety.

    Duration: 45:15

    From: Air Disasters

  • The Lockerbie Bombing

    The Lockerbie Bombing

    Carrying 259 passengers and crew, Pan Am Flight 103 exploded over the Scottish town of Lockerbie in 1988. Through rare, unseen footage, witness the terrorist act that changed the small town forever.

    Duration: 46:00

  • Air Disasters: Pilot vs. Plane

    Air Disasters: Pilot vs. Plane

    Once thought of as the pride of France, the Airbus A320 crashed during its first passenger flight. Now, revisit the 1988 disaster of Air France Flight 296 and the shocking investigation into its cause.

    Duration: 46:00

    From: Air Disasters

  • The Real Story: The Untouchables

    The Real Story: The Untouchables

    In the Mafia thriller "The Untouchables," ruthless mob boss Al Capone gets busted by a group of gritty cops led by Eliot Ness. But what really happened? Delve into the secret documents that reveal the true plot to capture Capone.

    Duration: 46:30

    From: The Real Story

  • Aliens Inside Us

    Aliens Inside Us

    Are germs good for us? Meet the trillions of alien microbes thriving inside our bodies, and discover why we can't live without them.

    Duration: 51:00

  • Blondie's New York

    Blondie's New York

    Blondie went from a band fighting for punk cred at CBGB to international fame, thanks in large part to one genre-defying album: Parallel Lines. 40 years and over 16-million copies later, lead singer Debbie Harry tells all about its making

    Duration: 51:00

  • Rocking the Opera House: Dr. John

    Rocking the Opera House: Dr. John

    Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Dr. John carries New Orleans with him wherever he goes. Rock out to a tasty gumbo of blues, jazz, R&B, and zydeco when he takes the stage at West Virginia's famous Shepherdstown Opera House.

    Duration: 51:01

  • Amy Winehouse: One Shining Night

  • Cheetah: Price of Speed

    Cheetah: Price of Speed

    She goes 0-60 MPH in just a few strides, but it'll take more than speed to keep pace with the savannah's top predators.

    Duration: 46:00

  • Stranded: Alpine Air Crash

    Stranded: Alpine Air Crash

    When a U.S. military transport plane crashes high in the Swiss Alps, all 12 passengers miraculously live. But their horrific ordeal has just begun, as they face plummeting temperatures with little food and a dying radio. Will they survive?

    Duration: 46:00

  • Secrets of the Taj Mahal

    Secrets of the Taj Mahal

    Behind the Taj Mahal, one of the wonders of the world, lies the little-known story of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal, the ruling emperor and empress whose love and tragedy led to its creation.

    Duration: 46:00

  • Air Disasters: Impossible Landing

    Air Disasters: Impossible Landing

    The unthinkable happens when, halfway through its journey from Denver to Chicago, United Airlines Flight 232 is rocked by an explosion. Without a tail engine or any flight controls, will the crew land safely and save the 296 people on board?

    Duration: 45:15

    From: Air Disasters

  • The Real Story: Gladiator

    The Real Story: Gladiator

    The Roman bloodsport that inspired Ridley Scott's "Gladiator" was so brutal, filmmakers were forced to soften the ancient pastime for the silver screen. Now, researchers set out to unearth the real story, one of violence, seduction, and power.

    Duration: 46:00

    From: The Real Story

  • Blood River Crossing

    Blood River Crossing

    When a mother and son zebra become separated in the crocodile-infested Mara River, each must fight its own battle alone. Follow them and thousands of wildebeest through this bloody battlefield.

    Duration: 46:00

  • Turf War: Lions & Giants

    Turf War: Lions & Giants

    Lions and hippos fight for territory along a dwindling river in Africa's Luangwa Rift Valley. The clash between these two mighty animals grows more heated as the water level continues to drop.

    Duration: 46:00

  • Death Beach

    Death Beach

    An unusual spree of shark attacks at a South African beach lead to six deaths in just five years. Join biologist Matt Dicken as he investigates this shocking change in the behavior of great whites.

    Duration: 46:00

  • When Lions Attack

    When Lions Attack

    When dry season hits northern Zimbabwe's Mana Pools National Park, the claws come out. Join the hunt with two hungry, competing lion families as they stalk and attack the unsuspecting prey who wander through their turfs, looking for water.

    Duration: 46:00

  • Titanic's Final Mystery

    Titanic's Final Mystery

    Why did the Titanic really sink? New scientific evidence will blow apart the myths and forever change the way you look at the Titanic tragedy.

    Duration: 01:32:00

  • Pioneers Turned Millionaires: Henry John Heinz

    Pioneers Turned Millionaires: Henry John Heinz

    Revolutionary business methods and closely guarded family recipes made Henry John Heinz a multi-millionaire. Discover how the King of Condiments made his fortune, one vegetable at a time.

    Duration: 46:00

    From: Pioneers Turned Millionaires

  • Mighty Planes: Airbus A380

    Mighty Planes: Airbus A380

    The Airbus A380 is the world's largest passenger airliner and has room for more than 500 passengers, making this massive commercial airliner a game changer. Come aboard for its maiden journey.

    Duration: 46:00

    From: Mighty Planes

  • Mighty Ships:Northern Eagle

    Mighty Ships:Northern Eagle

    This trawler catches, fillets, and freezes up to 160 tons of fish a day from the brutal Bering Sea. Join the 140-person crew on their most important fishing trip of the year, amid spawning season.

    Duration: 44:00

    From: Mighty Ships

  • Mighty Ships: USS Gravely

    Mighty Ships: USS Gravely

    Before the Navy's newest guided missile destroyer can be called into duty, she and her crew must pass a round of intensive, live-fire tests.

    Duration: 44:30

    From: Mighty Ships

  • Mighty Ships: Neptune

    Mighty Ships: Neptune

    Equipped to raise herself 50 feet out of water, the Neptune embarks on the risky job of assembling 30 massive wind turbines in rough seas. It's the perfect location to operate a wind farm—and the worst place for a ship to build one.

    Duration: 44:00

    From: Mighty Ships

  • Mighty Ships: USS Kentucky

    Mighty Ships: USS Kentucky

    The U.S. Navy's weapon of mass destruction, the USS Kentucky, is one of the world's biggest submarines. Able to launch nuclear attacks, the ship has never allowed a civilian film crew on board... until now.

    Duration: 46:00

    From: Mighty Ships

  • The Sweet Lady with the Nasty Voice

    The Sweet Lady with the Nasty Voice

    Wanda Jackson, the first lady of rock & roll, ruled the stage with her outrageous, aggressive style and signature growl. See how the woman who calls Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Johnny Cash, and Jerry Lee Lewis her peers changed rock forever.

    Duration: 01:10:00

  • B2: Stealth at War

    B2: Stealth at War

    The B-2 Stealth bomber is the most expensive and specialized airplane ever built. Learn how this secret weapon evolved to overcome critics and espionage, to change the shape of aviation forever.

    Duration: 46:00

  • Mighty Planes: Martin Mars

    Mighty Planes: Martin Mars

    When wildfires ravage Mexico's mountainous landscape, the only hope to put out the flames is water bomber Martin Mars.

    Duration: 44:00

    From: Mighty Planes

  • Running With Wolves

    Running With Wolves

    One woman's journey into the wilds of Canada will bring her face to face with wild wolves, freezing winters and her own mortality.

    Duration: 46:30

  • The Real Story: The Da Vinci Code

    The Real Story: The Da Vinci Code

    Did da Vinci actually leave hidden clues in his paintings? Is there a secret society protecting the bloodline of Christ? Join our team of real-life code breakers as we separate fact from fiction, and gospel from gossip in this controversial film.

    Duration: 46:00

    From: The Real Story

  • Aerial America: Amazing Destinations

    Aerial America: Amazing Destinations

    America is a land of amazing destinations, from the Great Lakes to the Grand Canyon. Discover America as you've never seen it before and will never soon forget!

    Duration: 46:00

    From: Aerial America

  • The True Story of the Mary Celeste

    The True Story of the Mary Celeste

    On December 4, 1872, the unmanned Mary Celeste was found adrift in the Atlantic with its cargo fully intact. The mystery of this "ghost ship" remained unanswered for over 135 years. But new evidence may help solve this mystery of the high seas.

    Duration: 46:30

  • Aerial America: West Virginia

    Aerial America: West Virginia

    West Virginia. It's where the Appalachian, Blue Ridge, and Allegheny Mountains converge, and where a fiercely independent spirit, forged during the Civil War, still lives today. Take off on a sky-high journey above the Mountain State

    Duration: 51:00

    From: Aerial America

  • Elephant King

    Elephant King

    Mayhem is about to break out in Namibia's Etosha National Park. Join ecologist Caitlin O'Connell as she unlocks the secrets of this Namibian elephant society during their ferocious battle for alpha position.

    Duration: 46:00

  • Jefferson's Secret Bible

    Jefferson's Secret Bible

    Along with authoring the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson also wrote "The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth" which focused on the ethical teachings of Jesus from the New Testament.

    Duration: 51:00

  • The Incredible Bionic Man

    The Incredible Bionic Man

    Meet the Bionic Man: a talking, breathing, walking man, made of the best prosthetic body parts and robotic technology available

    Duration: 46:00

  • Mystery Files: Hitler

    Mystery Files: Hitler

    Did a weapon of World War I transform Hitler from a quiet soldier into a furious dictator? By using the latest neurological research on shellshock victims and exploring a top-secret American report, we examine how this quiet soldier transformed into a monster.

    Duration: 23:00

    From: Mystery Files

  • Aerial America: Minnesota

    Aerial America: Minnesota

    Soar over the North Star State, where the Mighty Mississippi begins and the blue Midwestern sky never ends. See how Minnesota is more than the "Land of 10,000 Lakes." It's a world of countless stories.

    Duration: 51:00

    From: Aerial America

  • Aerial America: Texas

    Aerial America: Texas

    To fully capture Texas, you need to go big, and this aerial exploration spans thousands of miles to reveal the great sites and history of the Lone Star State. Put on your cowboy boots as we whisk you high above, and deep into the heart of Texas.

    Duration: 51:00

    From: Aerial America

  • Breath of Freedom

    Breath of Freedom

    They fought to liberate Germany from Nazi rule, as racism reached unfathomable levels. Their fight would continue back home on American soil. This is the story of the one-million-plus African Americans who fought in World War II.

    Duration: 01:32:00

  • Black Mamba: Kiss of Death

    Black Mamba: Kiss of Death

    The bite of the black mamba can deliver enough neurotoxic venom to kill 15 grown men. It has one of Africa's worst reputations, but does it deserve its bad rap? Join snake bounty hunter Simon Keys, whose sanctuary offers a unique look at the secret behavior of this much-maligned snake.

    Duration: 46:00

  • Merlin: The Legend

    Merlin: The Legend

    If you think Merlin's just a kindly old man with a pointed hat, long white beard and a wand, it's time for another look. Uncover the origins of history's most iconic mythical figure and follow his magical journey through the centuries.

    Duration: 46:31

  • Mystery Files: Abraham Lincoln

    Mystery Files: Abraham Lincoln

    Abraham Lincoln has been canonized as an American hero, but the true story of his life reveals that he was a more complicated character.

    Duration: 23:01

    From: Mystery Files

  • Lincoln's Washington at War

    Lincoln's Washington at War

    In 1861, an uncivil battle for the nation's capital is about to begin. War is at the doorstep of D.C., and the next few years will decide the fate of the city, the nation and an untested president.

    Duration: 46:00

  • Stories from the Vaults: Sex 101

    Stories from the Vaults: Sex 101

    Research into sexuality is kicking at the Smithsonian. Explore the love letters of Jackson Pollock and Frida Kahlo, stories about "the birds and the bees," and laws of attraction between fiddler crabs.

    Duration: 26:30

    From: Stories from the Vaults

  • The Real Story: Braveheart

    The Real Story: Braveheart

    Mel Gibson's "Braveheart" won five Oscars for its tale of William Wallace, a 13th-century Scottish warrior. But how historically accurate is this Hollywood portrayal?

    Duration: 46:00

    From: The Real Story

  • The Real Story: Apollo 13

    The Real Story: Apollo 13

    The 1970 rescue of Apollo 13 captivated the nation and the film adaptation won two Oscars(r). But how close to the truth was the film? To reveal the truth, we put the big movie moments to the test.

    Duration: 46:00

    From: The Real Story

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